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For those on my newsletter list (make sure you get signed up because you will be kept in the loop of all new products and also get a special discount code!!), you already got the word about the 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner being available – I was thrilled with your response and excitement.  

For those who looked for the 2013 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner mid-way through the year and didn’t find it for sale, I appreciate that you came back.

Ladies, this project was a labor of love on my part and I felt an obligation and a leading from The Lord to bring it  back for you in 2014 – even better and more versatile.  I was met with several significant obstacles with my 2013 planner and had some very difficult choices with regard to this product for 2014.  After much prayer, legal counsel, advice and a clear directing from the Lord, I knew the direction to go for 2014.  It required a lot of time and work on my part to create a product that you would love and I know would help even more moms, and also,… it the most incredible part –  I was to give it away for free.

So, if you haven’t already heard, the 2014 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner  is available in two different versions that are completely FREE!  Yep, FREE!  I am so excited to share this resource with you and the other moms who perhaps could not afford to purchase a planner to help them get their home under control.  

FREE Household planner with digitally editable fields

You can also digitally customize your Weekly Household Planner—plus receive TWO versions (both for free)! The “blank” version allows you to digitally add whatever daily tasks fit your household. The “suggested tasks” version (or as I like to call it, the “just tell me what to do” version!) has daily tasks already filled in for you, but you can still add, delete, and edit any of the tasks. It’s the best of both worlds!

As always I want to use your time wisely.  This weekly planner breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces, utilizing smaller increments of time to keep the tasks from becoming too large and overwhelming. Most of the items can be easily completed in 3 to 30 minutes, and you can select appropriate items to delegate to family members (after all, even with the household planner, you still can’t be “super mom”).

In addition, I’ve created the Weekly Household Planner Supplement to help you further organize your household!

If you need help keeping track of schedules and information in your home, you’ll want to be sure to check this out. It compliments the Weekly Household Planner and gives you a full family household binder. It includes all of last year’s worksheets, plus a new party planner worksheet, Bible bookmarks, and a grocery/menu planner. And ALL the worksheets now include digital fill-in forms making it easier for you to add all your information!

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, hop over to the page to download your FREE copy now.  If you are interested in the supplemental kit, you can grab both the FREE planner and the Supplemental kit for only $6 total.  Print it out and then you will be set for 2014.

family planner and files to get organized

I normally print out my entire year at once on my home computer. I print it in color, because I like the added ‘pizazz’ the color adds, even if it is a bit more cost for ink.  But you can always print in black and white.  I print it on my own home printer and then take the pages to Staples and have it spiral bound for about $4.  The other printable forms in the Supplemental Kit can be contained in a 3 ring binder or used separately or create a thick spiral binder and add them into place with the Weekly Household Planner.

Watch the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner Pinterest board for my new spiral bound version for 2014 – I will post pictures and more pictures of the additional forms too, I just didn’t have time to do it all before Christmas!

Are you ready to get organized for 2014???
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Help Susan Help These Children!
  • Thank you so much for sharing – this will be wonderful for getting my little self organized this winter! 🙂

  • Cee

    When I clicked the links in my email, I was sent to an error page… on multiple clicks.

  • Please try again in about 30 minutes, we reset some settings on my site and it will work again in a bit

  • Jolene Nofzinger

    Hi Susan – Had your calendar the last two years and love the concept – Hoping to actually implement in my home for the 2014 year! I signed up last week but never received the email. Would you mind emailing to me direct? Thanks for providing this great tool for FREE! God Bless!

  • just did

  • Robin

    Can you please e-mail it to me as well? I entered my e-mail several hours ago but haven’t received the files yet. Thanks!

  • Ashley

    I got the email with links, but both links open the blank version. How do I get the suggested tasks version? Thanks!

  • Omairis

    Hi Susan I signed up for your emails and still have not gotten the 2014 planner link. 🙁 have a happy new year

  • you have to open using Adobe, not another PDF preview application, otherwise the text file will appear blank

  • just emailed

  • just emailed

  • Susan,

    Thank you so much for such an awesome planner and for FREE! Such a blessing!!

  • Christina N.

    I signed up through this post and have never received a link. Would it still be available?

  • emailed to you

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for this amazing resource! Was very helpful and blessed my family greatly in 2014. Signed up yesterday and have not received an e-mail yet. Wasn’t sure how long it would take to get. Thanks again!

  • emailed you

  • Amy

    Thank you so much for sharing your organization calendar. My house is totally out of control due to my lack of energy and chronic pain. I believe your organization will help tremendously in setting priorities. I have a question for you. You say when to change out kitchen towels and bathroom hand towels. How often do you recommend changing out bath towels (not little hand towels)?

  • I do that once a week, but often times my kids are not here the entire week, since we share custody… figure out a frequency that works for you – perhaps every 3-4 days? Unless kids are extremely dirty, I do not think bath towels would be really dirty, they are meant to just dry off the water, so just determine what works and feels good for you. I pray you find some relief and feeling of success using the planner, which might free up some energy for you to do other more enjoyable things.

  • I absolutely love this planner. I printed 2 copies of the first 6 weeks of the blank version. One copy I use for all household related chores to help me remember to do things like put dinner left-overs away once cool (daily), Swiffer hardwood floors (2x per wk), decalcify coffee pot (monthly) and clean refrigerator coils (monthly). I use the 2nd copy for my home office and personal tasks for items such as writing 1-2 blog posts per day, reading (daily), leaving love notes for my husband (weekly) and brainstorming new blog post ideas (every 2 wks). These planners help keep me on task and my house looking better. Thank you!

  • What a great idea – I never even thought of that – using the blank version for a different task list all together!

  • I signed up earlier this week and never received the email. So excited for this planner!

  • I will email you

  • I never received the email with the planner.

  • just emailed you

  • suzy

    i love the planner. best one yet. though do you have a master to do list? i’m trying to see which ones were weekly and which to do were monthly so i don’t over add things in.

  • I do not have a master list, I just went with my own schedule

  • Whitney

    thank you! this planner is awesome!

  • Linda

    Please email me the planner. I would love to try it! Thank you!

  • Just sign up on the page – you will be directed to the link!

  • Madonna

    Thanks for the free planner. I’m just starting to use it now. Quick question. Is there a way to make the font bigger, like 12pt? Its a little hard for me to read.

  • No I am sorry, unless you can change your own printer settings to make the page bigger.

  • mommy2013

    Is there a 2015 coming out or can I change the date on the supplement package.

  • Mary Sternick Brock

    I’m also interested to know if there will be an updated version for 2015! Just stumbled across this and I think it would be a wonderful supplement to my home planning.

  • Yes, there will be in about a month!

  • Dre

    I never thought I needed a list, but when you start to write down everything you do it’s awesome. 2bhonest I have stolen “leaving love notes for my husband (weekly)” to my lists 🙂

  • Dana

    Your planner has changed my life! Can’t wait for next year’s!

  • Nannette

    excited for the 2015!

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