5 Benefits of Regular Date Nights


5 Benefits of Regular Date Nights

So, when was your last date night? Go ahead. Take a break and check your calendar. I did when I sat down to write this article because it had been almost a month since my hubby and I snuck away for a few hours alone! Yikes! It’s embarrassing really.

I know how I feel when I return from date night, so why is it so hard to get these on the calendar? For us it is a recent move to a newer community that has left us searching for sitter alternatives, but that is really no excuse. There are good things that come from making regular date nights happen, and I am set on scheduling these out in our calendar because my marriage deserves it.

What are the benefits? Here are just a few I managed to consider. I bet you have others too.

Anticipation Is Always Good!

I love having something to look forward to, don’t you? Having that Thursday date night on the calendar and looking forward to it all week can help me and my attitude stay happy and healthy as I journey through the day. Thinking of what to do, where we might go, what we might talk about, what dreams may develop in that conversation because we have some freedom and are not bound by home tasks – it is so nice to have uninterrupted conversation.

Connection and Communication

This is a continuation of the “uninterrupted conversation” part. When we get that time to chat with no destination, it is amazing how connected and affirmed you can feel toward your spouse. I am sure you know what I mean – when you feel they are truly listening to you because they aren’t focused on getting the kids into the bath or making lunches. We need this time to build strong marriages, because let’s face it – we lead busy lives and when we don’t make time for each other, something is bound to break and someone will feel “not connected”.

An Opportunity for Romance

We all need it and we long for that romance in our marriage. It’s a struggle and you have to be intentional to keep the romance alive when you’ve got ten plates spinning in the air. I love being able to sneak away on date night and create a calm that I can’t get at home, and who knows, it might end up creating fireworks at home later.

Lowering Stress

The power of a date night can certainly de-stress you both. I mean, you aren’t racing around checking off lists and managing bedtime routines. You are together – just the two of you. It really is amazing how just a couple of hours can be so helpful for our emotions.

Reaffirming Your Commitment

When you place an importance on having regular date nights, you are stating your marriage is worth it. It’s worth the extra effort of finding a sitter. It’s worth the effort of thinking of something to do. It’s worth the effort of saving some money in your grocery bill so you can go grab coffee and dessert out. Your marriage is worth it. It shows a strong commitment to each other!

7 Tips to Being a Happy and More Productive Mom


7 Tips to Being a Happy and More Productive Mom

It’s a new year and time for new habits, right? If you are anything like me, over the past few weeks my days have become a jumbled mess and I need a reset. My inbox has been getting full of messages from moms wondering how I do it all and how they can catch up and feel better in their role.

First, I do not do it all. However, I do have some tips that I use to reset myself to be happier and more productive at home. Read on if you are in need of a reset or share this with a friend who may be struggling.

Feed Your Soul

What fills you up and gives you energy for your day? Only you can answer this. For me, I must have quiet time in the morning – MUST. When I don’t, my day is flustered and my temper is short. God built me in a way that I must connect with Him and myself before I begin to pour out into others. I love doing devotions (I love the First5 app and am currently enjoying a new reading the Bible in a year series in the  YouVersion Bible app).

Get Dinner Done

One big headache for us moms is getting a plan for dinner. I have made it part of my routine to plan meals and a menu the week prior to when we need it. I can prepare for my grocery shopping and be at peace knowing we have food for meals and I will not be tempted to go out. This is healthier for me and my family. Do you need a free menu planner? Grab one here!  

Having my meals planned is a life saver! It literally gives me more energy through the day because I am not constantly using my mom brain to think, “what am I going to make for dinner?” I do love eMeals (you can try it for FREE for 14 days!) for making dinner planning easy, and also check Pinterest for menu ideas.

Create Your Big Three

Each morning after I get my little guy out the door, I come up with my big three – my three things that MUST get done that day. It could be a trip to the post office, waking the dogs, or working on my blog. I tackle these things and will at least feel successful even if I do not get to the other things on my to-do list. We often have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and what we are truly capable of completing during the day.

Rise Early

Game changer. Period. You say you’re not an early riser, okay, but you are missing out on a chunk of time that can ignite your day, your productivity level, and your happiness. I notice on the days I sleep in or am lazy to get my day going, I struggle to feel caught up and prepared. So for me and a lot of moms I know, getting up earlier than everyone else is a non-negotiable. Find a way to get to bed earlier so you can grab the time in the morning to prepare for your day.

Create a Routine

This is a huge deal and if you are flying by the seat of your pants you will continue to feel unorganized, under-prepared, and frazzled. Set a morning routine for yourself and a routine for your kiddos and an evening one. It is a must! Stick to it as much as you can. We are creatures of habit and the less we have to use our brain to figure out what we are doing next, the better – for everyone!

Slow Down

This goes a bit in hand with feeding your soul and rising early. I have found since we’ve moved to the beach that I have to have a slower pace to enjoy my day. It is not all about the rushing around and doing more. It is about enjoying your day, the small moments of joy that appear. If we are moving too fast we miss those. I will now purposefully break away from my desk at a moments notice to catch the sunset or go take the dogs to the beach. It is the best feeling ever. Even in the midst of motherhood we need to capture these moments.

Tidy the House

Yes, this is part of the equation to having a happier and more productive day. I love my Weekly Household Planner I created that helps mom just do a few things each day to keep their home organized and tidy. Do what you can and cross out the other stuff. I have moms emailing me several times a week saying that this planner has blessed them so much. They are no longer using brain cells to figure out what task to do, they just do what they can on the list. I am so blessed by this! So use a method that works for you. Do a few things a day and it won’t overwhelm you!

What is your biggest tip for having a happier and more productive day?

A Year in Review: Favorite 10 Posts of 2016


A Year in Review: Favorite 10 Posts of 2016

I love going back and doing a year in review and seeing what posts you loved the most!  

Here is the collection. I know we have new readers. It always happens when the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner is revealed for another year! New moms discover my site and I love that blessing.

We had a year full of adventure – selling our home of 9 years and 80% of our belongings and moving to a remote beach community. You can read more on that in this beachy post (it did not make the top ten – however, it will give you a bit more info on me and my family).

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and check out a few that maybe you missed. You can subscribe to receive my weekly blog posts delivered right to your inbox if you’d like too.


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7 Things No One Told You About Motherhood


7 Things No One Told You About Motherhood

I think it’s safe to say that we all had glorious images of what our life would be like once we began having children. For me, I had visions of a clean home, dinner on the table at 6:00pm, and wonderfully behaved children. Well, that bubble was busted early on!

I’ve been doing this motherhood thing for nearly 24 years. Am I an expert? Um, no way! Have I learned some things along the way? You bet. I’ll share a few of those things from my journey through motherhood. As you read them, I think you will be giving a few of them a big Amen!

Yoga Pants for the Win!

There are days – and sometimes days on end – where you can barely make it out of your pajamas and into something that resembles clothes, which we have now all adopted as our beloved yoga pants! They are stretchy, comfortable, easy to wipe off, and usually black (which matches any color top). Moms, we do love our yoga pants!

It’s Really Lonely

No one tells you this, but it is absolutely the truth. Even with strong support systems in place, your days can seem endless. After doing the same thing over and over again, you become almost like a robot. You lose touch with the outside world. It’s really tough.

A Mini Van Will Be Your Dream Car

I can remember the day we brought our new-to-us mini van home. It was glorious for me. I loved the ease of placing my daughter in her car seat and sliding the door closed. My back loved it. My body was in heaven, but my young-at-heart self was almost destroyed. I did enjoy the convenience of the mini van, but to be honest, I am glad I am out of that season!

You’ll Wonder What a Vacation Is

The word vacation will take on a new meaning – truly! Before children you had time away with wonderful meals at fine restaurants, luxurious hotels, and quiet moments. Once children are here, your vacation takes on a new meaning. Typically, you spend more time packing and unpacking than you actually did on your vacation and you need a week after you return home to recover. I know you know what I am talking about! It’s sometimes easier to just stay home.

It’s a Really, REALLY Hard Job

Yep, like someone had to tell you?! When we acknowledge it, I think it takes that power away. I know there are days which we are barely able to make it through. Those days with sick kids, a sick mom, and more bodily fluids than you can even begin to imagine. I know. Even on the days where things seem smooth, it is still exhausting. When you are pouring into the little ones in your life, your body and soul gets weary.

Bathroom Quiet Moments Rock

No one will tell you that the only private moments you will have during the day are when you are locked behind a door taking care of some business. But it’s true. Treasure these few minutes. And yes, I know we’ve all gone into hiding there saying, “We are taking care of business.” But I will tell you when I try to carve out some quiet time, I can find it when I am intentional.

You Will Need JESUS More!

When you’re exhausted – He’ll still be there.

When you’re frustrated and overwhelmed – He’ll still be there.

When you’re in tears on the floor in the bathroom – He’ll still be there.

This has been the most concrete thing for me to remember as I journeyed through my seasons of motherhood. He is there and when we take time to meet with Him, He will show up in all things. Mama – be sure you are reaching out to Him each day so He can meet with you too.

Creating Fireworks in Your Marriage Bed


Creating Fireworks in Your Marriage Bed

Oh yes, I am going there in this blog post! I know this is a topic people want to discuss, but rarely do, so let’s start off our weekend with a little chat, shall we?

I want to start out by saying that I believe God designed intimacy between husband and wife as a gift. It is so incredibly sweet when held in that context.

When the first man and woman were married, He said, “they must become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). The “one flesh” bond includes sexual intimacy and an emotional connection.   

God also wants us ladies to enjoy intimacy. The Bible says, “Husbands and wives should satisfy each other’s sexual needs.” (1 Corinthians 7:3)

However, real life sets in. You know what I mean. Things get busy, stress overcomes our ability to relax, and we are exhausted by the end of the day.

So let’s look at how we can fulfill the 1 Corinthians verse I just mentioned in our own marriages. I recently taught an amazing essential oils class that shared tips and practical essential oil strategies for supporting our bodies in a way to make it easier to find “fireworks” in the marriage bed. It was hugely popular and much needed.

Many times life gets in the way of the intimacy in our marriages – kids, medical concerns, stress, exhaustion, and many other things can stand in our way if we let them. So I am going to share a few key essential oils that are known to help struggles in certain areas. I knew I had to share because I have benefited from these and I want you to as well. Don’t you want fewer excuses and more fireworks in the bedroom?

Progessence Plus 

Young Living Progessence Plus SerumThis is an amazing serum specifically formulated for women and ideal for those women over 30 years old. It features some of Young Living’s most-loved essential oils, including Sacred Frankincense and Peppermint, to create a serum that perfectly pampers you.

I use this serum each evening and I have noticed my moodiness decrease, my overall monthly cycle feels less than noticeable rather than disrupting everything, and I am just plain nicer!

Wild yam extract and vitamin E support your skin in looking its best, while Frankincense smooths the look of fine lines. Keep your skin looking as young as you feel and add a few drops to your moisturizer or massage it directly onto your skin.

There are many amazing benefits to this serum, as it helps add a balance to our “see-saw” moods and is great for our oversell wellness and to increase our desire for intimacy. I use 2-5 drops a day on my ankle. It is a game changer!


EndoFlex Essential OilEndoFlex is a blend that supports our endocrine system. The endocrine system is what tells your body what hormones to produce and when. The endocrine system regulates metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood.

I use this oil each morning and roll it on my spine just below my bra line. It certainly helps support great energy levels – which means I may have energy left at the end of the day to be intimate.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang Essential OilYlang Ylang has long been known as an aphrodisiac. It is awesome for supporting libido in women, and men seem to respond to the scent positively too. (I can vouch YES for that!)

This oil may increase feelings of happiness, adoration, and it calms the mind. It is amazing in the diffuser, as well as used topically alone, or mixed with other oils like Cypress.

Idaho Blue Spruce

Idaho Blue Spruce Essential OilIdaho Blue Spruce is primarily an oil used for your man!

This remarkable essential oil contains high percentages of alpha-pinene and limonene and has a pleasing and relaxing evergreen aroma.

Daily use of this oil topically will help support healthy testosterone levels – and you want your man to have healthy levels! You can also use this with coconut oil as a lubricant (ladies, you may feel it as a slight cooling feeling for you!).


Goldenrod Essential OilGoldenrod helps to support the circulatory system. As the name suggests, Goldenrod can be used on, well, I am trying to keep this post so it won’t get flagged as the “bad” kind of post – so hopefully you can think of what supporting the circulatory system and your man and blood flow have in common.

I have no personal experience with this oil, but let’s just say when it comes back into stock it is quickly grabbed.

Light the Fire Personal Lubricant

I want to tell you to RUN to make this. If you don’t have the supplies, GO ORDER THEM NOW! This gem will certainly bring some fabulous new heights to your marriage bed – safe, all-natural, and extremely helpful for both you and your hubby! Just use the quantity indicated and mix and it’s ready to use!

Light the Fire Personal Lubricant

You probably had no idea that not only are using essential oils great for keeping your immune system running smoothly, supporting your health, keeping you energized, balanced, and thriving emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually – but they are good to help your marriage too!

If this is the time for you to get started with Young Living, I’d love to have you join my community. You will get so much support helping you along the way. I never want anyone to feel overwhelmed or like they don’t have someone to reach out to. Our community has over 4,000 people right now, so you’ll definitely find some new oily friends!

Young Living new member special

If you are looking for even more information on firing things up in your bedroom and supporting all areas of your body, I highly suggest you pick up a copy of, A Girlfriend’s Guide to Using Essential Oils Between the Sheets by Lucy Libido. It’s a good one!

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