5 Tips for Overcoming a Lack of Motivation


5 Tips for Overcoming a Lack of Motivation

It happens to us all. One day we’re motivated and have a great attitude and the next day we’re in a not so good place, finding it hard to even make it through the day. Being a mom has its challenges and when you add in trying to work from home or take on a challenging project it can be overwhelming. I can easily become paralyzed with my lack of motivation and feel like giving up.

Over the years I have struggled with emotional imbalance and finally I have some freedom in this area, but I do still have days which overwhelm me. So what to I do on those days? I want to share with you five little secrets.

Finding Grace with Yourself

This is by far the biggest “secret” tip I have to offer and one we ALL find the most difficult giving to ourselves. My Bible study is just beginning the book One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian and I am so excited to read it because it is all about real life and how most of us carry burden rather than allow grace to fill us.

On those days were I find myself weak, overwhelmed, and with maybe too many expectations, I sit back and try to give myself grace. This has taken me quite a while to begin to make part of my ritual in my process of daily living, but it make a huge difference.

Take Action Daily

For me, lacking motivation is not really an issue with a big project, so that is not really what I am addressing here, but more along the lines of being overwhelmed and paralyzed. So something that I do is to do SOMETHING! Even when I feel like one thing is a big step, I will find one small thing to do which can often times propel me forward. That is how the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner actually came into existence – because of the dread and feeling of not knowing where to start. Even if I only can cross off two things on my daily list, it is more than I otherwise would have, so I can know I took some action.

Lift Your Spirit

There are many things you can do when your spirit needs a boost – pray, read Scripture, find motivational quotes, phone a friend, or go for a walk. I have also added into my list of ideas – diffusing essential oils. I love Orange, Lemon, Joy, and a few others for positively influencing my mood and my mind (there is actually an oil blend called Motivation too). This has become a life-line for me!

This is just not “feel good” stuff either. It is science. Aroma inhaled causes the olfactory bulb to send messages to the limbic part of the brain, which activates memories and emotions. It takes only 22 seconds for an inhaled oil to reach the brain. It is crazy fast! The limbic system supports a variety of functions including adrenaline flow, emotions, behavior, motivation, and long-term memory. (source) Our emotional life is largely housed in the limbic system, and it has a great deal to do with the formation of memories. The only way to get to the limbic system is through smell.

Celebrate Success

Whatever you are struggling with, find ways to be encouraged in the small victories. Some days we can perhaps only find success in getting a shower under our belt or maybe a quick run to the grocery store. Finding and celebrating small steps is good – progress, however small, is still progress. We can easily keep the negative undertone or we can shift our thought process to find celebration – sometimes just that small shift can make a big difference.

Make a List

Do you ever find your mind so full of ideas and things to remember that it almost bursts? Find a way to get those ideas, tasks, things you need to remember OUT of your brain. I have a system of lists on my smart phone now which all sync with my computer and iPad. I am still learning the process of getting it out of my head and into a list when I think of it, but it has helped tremendously to not feel bogged down and unmotivated.

Find a system that works for you. It may be just a spiral notebook you keep in your purse and on your counter, depending where you are, but this will hep ease your mind and keep ideas from clogging your thinking.

What tips do you have that might encourage another mom?

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