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  1. I would not and could not use credit cards and would not advise anyone to do so (I used to be $30,000 in debt….:D)

  2. I couldn’t agree more if you are undisciplined in using them, they are dangerous. As I shared in the beginning of the article, this system ONLY works if you are NOT spending more than you would otherwise. Using credit cards for spending you would already be making and paying for without carrying a balance provides for a lot of benefits if you are disciplined. I would be misleading anyone if I didn’t make that clear, but also not serving everyone by not sharing this exceptional benefit which can be had by many families out there.

  3. Katie Brown says

    I think this is a great tip and one that those with families should check out if they in fact have the discipline. This way, they could enjoy trips that would otherwise not be possible and with minimal financial strain. I know though, that I am not that disciplined myself to take advantage of this perk. Maybe someday though!!

  4. We use our Disney Visa credit card responsibly and the perk is that every year or every other year we are able to enjoy a free getaway to Disney World (we live in Orlando). It is the only time we bring our three children to the park since it is so expensive. We go at Christmas and with our park rewards we get five tickets to Mickey’s Magical Christmas at Disney World, two nights at a Disney hotel and approximately $150 to spend on food and other perks.

    I enjoyed reading your perspective and completely agree!

  5. I agree with these tips, for the most part. Absolutely people need to know their level of financial discipline. We too have taken many trips using airline miles that have made those vacations possible. My only quibble would be that I disagree you need to use the airline card for every purchase in order for them to add up. We don’t use our credit cards for everything and we are still able to accumulate enough miles for them to be beneficial. In fact, for awhile we were using our credit card for groceries in the interest of accumulating miles but found we just weren’t comfortable with how that was working in our financial management plan. We went back to buying groceries with cash and only use credit cards for larger purchases that we have discussed, thought about carefully and determined we have the money to pay for once the bill arrives. The miles still add up nicely!

    I’m glad too for the reminder to use the shopping sites connected to the airline miles plan. I forget to do that!

  6. Yep – each family has to decide what works best for them! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. We have a credit card that gives us cash back each year, we also use our credit cards for everything (that dosn’t charge us to do so) even just milk and bread from the local dairy. And each year on the card anniversary the $40 fee goes out and some hundreds go in. We spend much more on the card than we need to to get the max payout so now have another card just the same in just my name. Once the kids are a bit older (2 under 2 at the mo) we’ll look at airline miles too, tho you need a lot of points to fly anywhere from New Zealand 🙂 Way better to do this if you have discipline than paying bank fees to use a debit card.

  8. My husband and I have done the same thing, only our credit cards result in cash rewards instead of airline miles. As you said, you must pay them off EVERY month for this to make sense. I also tend to spend any cash I may have in my wallet for small, impulse items, but think twice if i have to use a credit card for a candy bar, so it saves me money in that way too!