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  1. Courtney Jones says

    The Swagbucks got me really excited, however, after signing up I found out that it isn’t compatible with our MAC. 🙁 Disappointed.

    I look forward to tomorrow’s advice on becoming a Frugalista – for now the Swagbucks will have to wait, I guess.

  2. Oh NO! Well, that is a bummer because I just got a MAC prior to Christmas and have yet to set it all up – I will be very bummed to lose this extra. Did you send them a message? I wonder if they plan to make any changes.

  3. Do you like swag bucks better than inbox dollars?

  4. I use Swagbucks mainly for searching. I haven’t done the daily polls or other things. Yes, my fave item is the $5 Amazon gift card. I have scored several. Great site. I’ve tried to promote it, but I guess not enough. It has totally been worth it.

  5. Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars and the rest all seem to be pretty time consuming to me. Yes, searching is easy, but the surveys and other promotions seem to take up too much time out of my day.

  6. It can certainly be time consuming if you participate on a bunch, I prefer SwagBucks – but if you have some time to devote to creating some income it can be a good addition