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Help Susan Help These Children!


  1. I’m excited to have discovered your website through Laurie Wallin of Living Power. I’m a mom of two boys, 5 and 9 mo. I’m having challenges with my 5 year old in discipline and this post is amazing. I immediately copied and sent it to my husband to read. I think I may have fallen into thinking his behavior will pass. Another issue is that after working all day, I don’t want to come home and butt heads with my son. Believe me I’m doing a lot of self reflection on my own attitude and actions to see how much of that may be effecting my son. I’ve also recently made the decision to not be on the computer or reading while my children are up, so as they have my undivided attention. I will be using your suggestion of “try again” and focusing on one specific behavior. Thank you!

  2. I have four kids (three teenagers & a 6-year-old). My oldest has been having the worst attitude for several weeks now. Crying, whining, gritting of teeth when spoken to – I think the list goes on. What works best for curbing attitude around here is DAD! Dad can move mountains! My husband’s involvement is so powerful and makes attitudes a lot easier to handle while he is at work. However, the BEST thing for curbing attitudes in my house has been consistant Breakfast Devotions. We all sit down together during breakfast time and read and discuss a Bible verse relevant to current heart issues. The Lord has been revealing lots of hearts and providing lots of healing!

  3. This topic of respect is such an interesting one. I completely agree that what we model is first and foremost the greatest teacher. We cannot treat out children disrespectfully and expect something different in return. The missing piece for me is the “why” behind our childrens behavior that drives us crazy sometimes. Why are they doing it? I found the answers to this through parenting by connection and it transformed our entire household. Children WANT to be close and connected to us, they want us to be thrilled with them, they want to cooperate and get along. Then why don’t they do it we ask ourselves??This is their innate desire from the time they arrived here and there are many many things that happen along the way that cause their behavior to get “off track”. What works for us and for hundreds of other families is getting more connected. Leading discipline through connection. It is incredible, it feels great and the whole family thrives. We get to move closer to our children rather then isolate them with their feelings. ( which only drives the hurt deeper for them) it may be a quick fix but I think every family longs for deep meaningful relationships with our precious children. Check it out for yourself. I am eternally grateful to a mom for introducing me during a very hard time with my son. Everything changed for us and parenting became what I always dreamed it might be.

  4. Thank you for sharing another great resource! Yes, connectedness in families is huge and often the missing piece with everyone being so busy and spending time away from each other. I shared something about it more in a simple article about a puzzle: http://theconfidentmom.com/03/faith-and-family/the-magic-of-a-puzzle/ being connected and feeling a part of family is a big deal!

  5. Brielle Cotterman says

    Your posts about teaching respect in the household have blessed my children and my approach to teaching respect and demonstrating it in our home. Thank you
    Brielle Cotterman

  6. Brielle Cotterman says

    “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he’s old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)