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  1. I appreciate you sharing your struggles! I have no doubt EO’s work, as do diet changes and supplements….but reading everything you take totally overwhelms me! How did you decide what to take? Did you just add supplements along the way? I do use some oils and I get really tired of the smell, especially when I mix oils. Do you ever feel this way? I wish you continued success!

  2. I admire your openness and I LOVE your regime. I have MS and struggle with the day to day stuff too. I am also gluten free, sugar free, workout and love my yoga. Just started playing with essential oils, I’m hoping they will help too. Thank you for this post, I needed this today.

  3. Tiffany at The House Down the says

    Loved this post, Susan! I’m new to Young Living and am working hard to support my immune system. I’m definitely going to add these products to my daily routine. Thank you for sharing so honestly and openly!