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Help Susan Help These Children!


  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking forward to hearing what you had to say from your experience with essential oils. A friend of mine mentioned putting lavender oil/diluted water on a baby that she sat for who has eczema. In a matter of just a few days it was gone. I was intrigued. My #3 has this condition as well as other allergies and within the past few weeks has had a flare up on one of his hands/wrists and now the other hand is getting it. It’s very itchy and painful and he’s even had to move his watch over to the other arm because it’s irritating his condition. This is a first as far as the where, but not the what. So, I finally found some lavender oil at Whole Foods and we shall see. I put some on him this morning. I didn’t know about mixing the grapeseed oil though. I look forward to reading up on the ebook. Thank you for offering it up to us.

  2. My pleasure! It was fun!! The grapeseed oil is nothing special, just a carrier oil. Obviously it adds moisture too. I’ve put Lavender oil directly on my little guys face, when he has a small break out from an irritating food, that really helps clear it up too!

  3. I love this blog! Alyssa introduced me to it and I am here to second you on how wonderful Young living oils are. They are life changing at the very least. I’ve used several oil brands and was hurt physically by them so YL is the choice for my family too. Guaranteed for purity and potency, it doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

  4. Thanks April for stopping by! I do agree, everyone must do what is right for them and I have found what is right for me. So life changing and I hope that my kids will benefits for generations to come!

  5. We have used YL oils for about 10 yrs now & would use nothing else. I love how much money they have saved us by keeping us out of the doctors office. I love how my kids first thought when they get hurt is, “get the Lavender” or when they start feeling a cold come on they look for the Theives oil. They have grown up using them & are healthier for it!

  6. Susan, I am curious to know what oils you use to fight depression.

  7. I’ve done some looking inline and have two books I refer to – also the group of ladies who part of a private facebook group provide a lot of excellent advice and suggestions – that is how i get most of the information – from others who’ve tried different methods, oils, etc. The support we all share is really excellent!

  8. Thanks for the tip on using lemon oil to treat warts Susan. I’ve been searching the internet high and low for natural wart remedies. Did you friend apply the oil topically or did she take them internally?

  9. Susan, I am new to young living & so far love them. Which 2 books do you refer to & what is the name of the FB group, if you don’t mind sharing??!

  10. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have a client with Lupus (I’m a nail tech) and her hands itch terribly. Have you found any oils that are specific to Lupus that may help her?

  12. There are products with oils that are very beneficial for itchy skin, but I would wonder if trying to determine the underlying issue for the itchy hands would be better. I’ve not heard of Lupus causing itchy hands, so would be curious about her diet perhaps and if she needs to stop dairy and gluten – I love Lavender and Frankincense for itching….. also a product Young Living has called Animal Scents is a great moisturizing ointment!

  13. Leah Christopherson says:

    Susan I am hopeful you can help me in finding answers in the oils for my mom who has had lupus since I was born 28 years ago and for almost 22 years my mom has been on prednisone which is not good!!! She is finally willing to give YL ois a shot as she has hit a wall and her Lupus has Flared up and I am really worried about her and how bad this Flare up is. Please help with and insight. Thanks in advance!!!

    Leah Christopherson
    Alexandria, MN

  14. I will be sending you an email with a document of what I’ve done and how well I’ve progressed since I’ve started using Young Living oils and other supplements 🙂

  15. Marcie Cheshire says:

    Thank you for this informative post! I have been wanting to try YL essential oils, but just keeping putting it off because of the price, which I know is reasonable for all you get. My daughter and I have had the sinus crud/cold and I wish I had the oils now to diffuse. Is it pretty easy to get started?

  16. I would love to have you join our community! I walk alongside you to help you gain confidence and also provide a free pocket reference guide as my gift to you – which is great for having information at your finger tips!! Look at the cost of your kit as an investment, because ultimately that is exactly what it is….. your family will not only feel better but you will be empowered with oils that you can easily treat symptoms and everyday issues at home with confidence. Ordering your kit and getting it on the way is the first step – then I can help from there!

  17. Susan

    Can you also send me an email with the info about the oils and lupus? My sister has lupus with some kidney involvement and I would be very interested to hear your story.


  18. Of course

  19. I love theives oil and use it in lots of different ways. I’ve just about used all of mine up, and would love some more and other oils to experiment with. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  20. Hi! I am interested in learning what has helped your lupus! I found your page through an internet search and would love to hear more! Thank you!

  21. I have emailed you a document with my protocol – would love to help you!!! Did you enter the giveaway that ends today?

  22. Beth Lowney says:


    I am enjoying your blog. I have a friend with Lupus and she wants to try YLEO. Please send me information & oils you use for Lupus and any information you can share. Thank you for your quick response!!! Beth

  23. Hi. Could you also send me the Lupus information that has worked so well for you? Thank you so much! Lisa

  24. Look for it in your inbox as well as a new updated post on my condition with Lupus and how essential oils and Young Living products have made a difference!

  25. I love this blog very much! I use lavender, peace and calming and stress away in one diffuse and I get the best night sleep! Also if your kids are not eating enough oranges you can put one drop of orange oil in a glass of water and it will taste like orange water. I drink it all the time when I’m sick and its amazing!