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  1. Sibling sets from Adoption are a whole other ball game! God Bless YOU!!! I hope you are able to try a few of these ideas to get some relief. Are you able to give each child individed attention each day, sometimes that can be all that it takes – but not always!

  2. This is really great advice. My children are an adopted sibling set and because of a lot of trauma my daughter went through she is very jealous and that leads to a lot of fighting with her little brother. Thank you for this.

  3. I’m not a mom but i do have a question. I’m 16 (female) i have a 23 year old sister and a 21 year old brother. we all live together with our mother. My mom grew up on a farm in Poland with five other brothers and sisters. So she HATES it when the three of us fight. we tend to do it at least one to three times a month. and it drives her crazy. She’s always saying how she grew up with five siblings and they never fought like this. She’s just making herself upset for no reason by always barging into the argument (although sometimes necessary). The fights never have gotten physical. Do you think it’s right for my mom to judge how much we fight and comparing it to her childhood considering times were different back then considering her circumstance compared to ours. What can i do about this?

  4. I am not sure you can change your moms behavior in anyway, other than you changing how you respond to her. If you know it truly bothers your mother, why not try to avoid issues with your siblings. You are old enough to learn self-control, so why not begin to practice it. Unfortunately just like your mom cannot make you change you cannot change your mom. She I am sure has experienced a lot of pain seeing you all fight, but determining what you can do to help the situation is where I would start. Hope that helps.