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  1. SUCH a fun post! It was absolutely wonderful to be able to spend time with you in Hawaii!! 🙂 I appreciate your friendship so much! xoxo

  2. Back at ya!!! {HUGS}

  3. Hey! Love the post. I am from Tulsa and want to learn more about the Oklahoma State University grant to study PTSD and how they are working with YL. Someone told me it was actually a university in Oregon and I want to clear up the confusion as well as learn more about this great study!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. More information on this will be released in June, during our convention where there will be some special starter kits released exclusively to treat PTSD – incredible anticipation!!! The study is with Oklahoma State University, Gary D. Young specifically stated that during our time together.

  5. would love to have update on the study for PTSD and the special kit for that a concerned mom thanks and loved this !!!

  6. I will be a couple more weeks, they are to be released at Convention which starts June 23rd!!!