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Clean/set out patio furniture

This week we have a task set out that hopefully we will be able to do!  WIth all this wacky weather, having a patio bare of snow might be tricky.

While there are several methods you can use to clean your patio and lawn furniture, undoubtedly you do not want to use any harsh chemicals or environmentally unsafe cleaners. Therefore, you can use items that are safe and which you already have in your home: baking soda; vinegar, and bleach.  Plus I have a new recipe below to try adding some essential oils into the mix!


To clean the patio, it is recommended that you use a pressure washer to remove all the algae and muck that has accumulated.  Some say to follow up with a diluted bleach wash, but I do not find this necessary, even in the Pacific Northwest, where algae and moss are everywhere!


Use bleach and detergent to wipe down all of the furniture and let it stand for one hour. Use the hose to rinse and let dry.

Use baking soda if there are areas on your furniture which need more cleaning. Add water; rinse and dry.

Add baking soda to a wet sponge; clean and rinse.

Use vinegar for your wooden decks and patio furniture. Vinegar is the least abrasive, and easy to use. It not only removes mildew on wood furniture, but on plastic furniture as well. For the tough to get at areas, use a small brush; then rinse and let the furniture dry. If you have lawn cushions, the best method you can use to clean them would be plain old liquid detergent and a sponge. Use the same substance to clean the umbrella table as well.

I found a great recipe for Homemade Cleaner which I am going to try this year on my patio furniture which uses essential oils.


  • 1 teaspoon borax  (this is a toxic ingredient, for those who are cautious)
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 30 drops essential oil blend (Ideas:  Lavender & Lemon, Mint & Orange, or your own combination!)


Boil the water. Pour it into a large glass measuring cup or pitcher with a spout.

Add the borax and stir until dissolved.

Add the vinegar.

Let cool, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

Drop in the essential oils.

It is suggested to add the essential oils after you pour the mixture into your storage bottle so the oils only remain in the container, not your mixing container.

Once things are all cleaned up, you will be ready to entertain outside and enjoy the space.  If you take time to do this in advance you won’t be running around at the last minute trying to get this accomplished before guests arrive!

What is your favorite method to clean patio furniture? 

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