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With spring just around the corner, most of you can’t wait to wash the windows in your home, or is that just me!  Surprisingly, there have been many ideas afloat on how to wash windows properly. To this end, here are two tips for cleaning your home’s windows.

In the old days, washing windows simply involved taking some soap and water and cleaning the windows, frames and sills; the top and bottom of the casing, and you were done.  With the advent of glass cleaners, it certainly made cleaning windows much easier. Now that we have become environmentally aware of toxins and chemicals; we are returning back to the old days but with a slight twist.

Vinegar and Water

Using vinegar and water is one way in which you can clean your windows. The process begins with removing window shades, blinds and curtains. Use a clean rag to wipe away any dirt or grime from the frame and sills. Use a wet rag to rid your windows of dirt and grime as well. Then using water and vinegar; clean your windows from top to bottom.

Go over the glass with a clean cloth; then proceed to wash the frames and sills with a damp cloth. Dry and you’re done!

Some people who have used this method claim that using vinegar left streaks on their windows. The remedy is to add a tiny bit of dish soap to the vinegar and water. Voila! No more streaks!

My Preferred Methodwindow washing kit

I am rather simple too, and just like the method above, which is simple, I prefer to use a rag and a squeegee.  I purchased a simple squeegee last year and loved using it.  I recently purchased a pack that includes a squeegee, washer and extension pole, because I have a few high windows.  If you just want a good quality squeegee, this is one I also have.

I dip my washer/rag into a bucket of hot water with a bit of dish soap in it, scrub my window and then take the squeegee and begin at the top of the window and run it down.  Simple as that.  I wipe down my squeegee between wipes with a dry rag and repeat the process as I complete washing the entire window. To finish the window off, run the squeegee along the bottom of the window horizontally to remove excess water than has dripped down to the bottom surface.

I also recently found the Thieves Cleaner works amazing for windows, check that post out here!

I love that I can get clean windows and I am not paying someone hundreds of dollars!  When we didn’t wash our windows ourselves I would only get clean windows once a year, that was what our budget could afford.  Now, I can do windows in stages, lower floor windows one day, upper another, outside another, etc.  I don’t have to take the entire day to wash them, but can fit it in when I can.

Whatever method you choose, these tips for cleaning your home’s windows may help you decide how to do it; but no matter how you do it, unfortunately at some point you will have to take the plunge. If you are lucky enough to hire out, hooray!  But you may consider just taking on the task and using the money you save elsewhere for a nice treat!

What is your window washing tip

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  • Tiffany

    Believe it or not, using newspaper to wipe down the windows once they are sprayed leaves NO streaks at all. My MIL taught me that and it works like a charm. (I just don’t get the paper anymore, lol)

  • Babs

    Hey Susan….just found your site and I am ordering your household planner! I have always been an extremely organized person, but now that my own children are grown, I am taking care of my elderly parents…Dad with cardiac issues, and my mom who has Alzheimer’s. I now have TWO households to plan for, organize, and keep up. Yikes! I am struggling to say the least. I needed to do this to keep both households in order…but I find you have already done it for me!!! Thanks so much!

    Oh, and about those windows…..get microfiber cloths. For cleaning windows I get the ones in the automotive section. Wet one in plain water, wring it out completely. Wipe the window down with it, then buff with the dry one. No chemicals, soaps or cleaners. Rinse out the wet one when it becomes dirty and be sure to wring it out well. Microfiber cloths hold more than ten times their weight in water so it makes the job very easy. I can’t use chemicals (and why use them if you don’t have to??) so this is perfect! It works also for glass and mirrors. Happy Cleaning! Hint: I use microfiber cloths for ALL of my household cleaning! You should see the great job they do on appliances like your stove! Sorry – I do sound like a commercial don’t I….

  • Susan, thank you for including your method for cleaning and not just the cleaning solution. So many posts we’ve seen mention a recipe and that’s it….there’s more to cleaning something well than simply spray and wipe. Nice post and blog. Thanks

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