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  1. Noelle Collins says

    My kids get eczema, and have very sensitive skin. I always have had to use All Free and clear, but would love to make my own soap, especially with EO. Do you have any experience using a recipe like this with family members who have sensitive skin?

  2. We do not have sensitive skin issues,….. unfortunately….. maybe you can look at the ingredient list on your free and clear and see what the active ingredients are and compare a bit?

  3. Caroline Fehr says

    I’ve been looking for a recipe like this… I’m not a big fan of the liquid because of storage issues… THANKS for sharing!!!

  4. We are a sensitive skin and allergy family. I, too, use “free” laundry products. While I do not have experience with this recipe, I have made powdered laundry soap in the past. Because of our sensitive skin/allergy uses, I used dove for sensitive skin as my bar soap. It seemed to do okay, but not as good as I would have liked. So I tried the fels naptha. Result: cleaner clothes, but itchy skin 🙁

  5. Courtney Roberts says

    We have found that it’s most often chemicals & artificial fragrances that irritate my family’s sensitive skin. So I’m pretty sure this recipe would be good for us, since it is so basic & all natural.

  6. I know I love easy storage!! Liquid seems to drip when I don’t want it to and can be messy with younger children, who I am training to do their own laundry!

  7. Thanks for your input – I know it will help many!

  8. Maybe different amounts of fels Naphtha will be the key?

  9. I’d love to try this. Can it be used in a high efficiency front loader washer?

  10. So, I had never heard of fels-naptha and had to look it up. Did you know there is titanium dioxide in the ingredient list of this washing soap? I like the idea of the DIY laundry soap with essential oils, but definitely want to find a more natural replacement to the heavy metals. Any suggestions?

  11. Yes, it is a very low risk ingredient, especially in the amount you are using for this recipe. Here is more information: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredient/706561/TITANIUM_DIOXIDE/

  12. Yes, that is what we have!

  13. I use the ivory Barstow, there’s also zote, I make 4 batches (the 1cup of each ingredient) I use one feels naptha and 3 ivory bars, it does good. Dove isn’t recommended for making homemade soap because of the lotion.

  14. Diane Simmler says

    Is this one pod or two for a load? Some other sites and recipes say one pod for HE and two pods for top loading?

  15. Just one – works great!!!

  16. Loretta Musser says

    Do you know how this works in extremely hard water?

  17. I do not have hard water, so not sure….

  18. SeriousBudgetIssues says

    White vinegar or cider vinegar for these? We already use white vinegar as our rinsing agent in our front loader HE machine because Downey irritates my boys’ skin

  19. White vinegar 🙂

  20. I use Dr Bronners bar soap instead of Fels Naptha. I tried YL Thieves bar soap, but it was too moist to finely shred properly.
    Love my natural laundry….and saving money!

  21. How many “pods” does this make? And which oils are your favorite to use? I think lemongrass would be yummy! 🙂

  22. I love using Stress Away and also Tangerine. I can’t recall how many it made…. at least 2 dozen though.

  23. Aunty M Flammatory says

    I used lemongrass with vinegar using Susanʻs recipe for fabric softener. It smells heavenly!

  24. Sydney Keeney says

    Is this recipe safe to use with my he washing machine?

  25. Yes!


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