Helping A Friend in Need


I am the kind of person who – when I hear of someone going through a hard time feels the need to bring over a meal.  I am not sure exactly where this comes from, other than I enjoy cooking, know how much I appreciated meals when I had my first child and a meal just seems to be “so much more” than just a card or flowers.  Do you find that?  Plus, even if someone just brings over macaroni and cheese – it just tastes better because someone else made it!

Today I was preparing a casserole for our dinner, one from my Emealz recipes for the week, Beef Macaroni Casserole. Quick, easy, low cost and easy to double the recipe.  It got me thinking (and forgive me if I am way behind the times on this one, I am not always the first person to think of things, but I often catch up quickly!) last week I got some news from a dear friend who had been in the hospital.  It was all unexpected and a big scare for her and her family.

My first response to this news – bring over dinner.  Fortunately on this day I had time in my busy schedule to take a few minutes and throw together something with ingredients I had in my house.  This would not have been the case had I not been using Emealz, which allows me to have ingredients and recipes for a weeks worth of meals at a time!  I didn’t need to run to the grocery store – perfect.  So I quickly made the casserole and dropped it by just before the dinner hour.

Today, I was getting ready to make a casserole for my family’s dinner and thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be just as easy to double this recipe and put half of it in the freezer in a container and have it ready for an unexpected need?”  So that is what I did.  I just doubled the recipe, divided it up and placed one dish in the freezer.  Now I am easily able to bless a friend or even an acquaintance in need with little effort or disruption to my already busy schedule.  Can you find a way to build this into your schedule this week?  Doubling a recipe so that you are prepared to help a friend in need?  I am sure your effort will be appreciated more than you know.

To learn more about how meal preparation can be made easier for Family Managers, check out Emealz today.  You will save time, money and your family will thank you!

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