5 Factors Affecting Your Daily Attitude in Motherhood



Motherhood is a tough job – no doubt about it.  We can all have bad days….even a few bad days all in a row.  When mom has a bad attitude it is fought for everyone in the family, but in particular your children.

I have found that when I start to see a shift in my attitude that it really is important me to take a look at a few key areas to examine if there are things lacking  It is my responsibility, not only to myself but to my spouse and children to be caring for what my body needs so that my spirit can be in a right place.

I like peace in my home….I crave that type of environment and I know it is best for my family.  When my attitude starts to crumble I consider the following:

Sleep Habits 

I know this is a key component for all of us – we need good sleep and lots of it.  Quality and Quantity are both important.  We cannot expect our bodies to run and function properly on 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  The best recipe for a good night sleep is:

  • go to bed at the same time each night, or as close to the same time as possible
  • have a bedtime routine in place, which may include having a relaxing bath, drinking a cup of tea or using essential oils to help the body relax and wind down.
  • try to get up near the same time each morning, your body will get acclimated to that pattern and it will set itself up for a pattern of sleep that will be restful and regenerating, which is what our bodies need.
  • have a nice quiet room that is comfortable – take care to nourish your space where you spend time allowing your body to refresh itself.

Your Power Source

We all know this one, but it is often the last thing we think about during our day to make sure it happens.  Spending 5-15 minutes with The Lord is critical to the success of your day, your attitude and allowing Him to direct your path during the day.  I can tell the days that I end up sleeping later than I know I should and then do not get my time alone with Him.

By reading scripture, jotting down a few lines in my journal and praying, I can completely change my entire day – so why do we often disregard this time?  Connecting with the only ONE who can truly change your day from the inside out is important….so why not treat it that way and make it a priority?


Taking the time to fill your energy tank up with what actually nourishes you is important.  It cannot be left at the bottom of the list.  I have been doing this the past few days, and I have been experiencing the depleted feelings and lack of energy that I normally have otherwise, when I take time to care for my self.

I am an introvert, and when I don’t take the time to get quiet time alone, or go for a run, get outside for a walk or even have some time set aside to do errands all alone, I suffer.  Which then in turn means my family suffers.  There are things that we can do as moms that will nourish our spirit, if we do not focus on making that happen, it is unlikely that time will magically appear to do it for us.


When all of the above things get neglected one area that grows rapidly for us is our stress level.  I can typically now recognize when my stress level is beginning to increase and I have found natural ways to combat it, but there are times when even that doesn’t tip the scale in my favor because I have allowed too much on my plate or had bigger expectations of myself that were not realistic.

Unchecked stress affects your family in ways that are very damaging.  I shared some ideas on how to protect yourself from allowing stress to take over your life, do any of these ideas resonate with you on how you can reduce stress in your day?


You are what you eat – we all know that.  It is especially true as we get older and our bodies begin to change and need more nutrients and better care.  I have taken huge strides in caring for my body in more natural and effective ways, especially with having a chronic disease like Lupus as well as depression.  I know that when I do not eat well, when I consume too much caffeine or sugar that my body will react negatively.

I want to operate on full power – not mediocre power.  When I do not take the time to fill my body with what it needs to operate, it back fires on me.  One of the best things I ever did for myself was to begin a gluten free diet. It changed my life.  I have know went a step further and try to eat Paleo, because I can tell a difference in how I feel – both physically and mentally.  

Are you doing your body good with what you are putting in it?

Remember to give yourself grace too…….you deserve it!  We are not perfect beings and when we can remember that we will serve our family better.

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