Week Three : The Fringe Hours – Prioritizing


Week 3 a Time, that magic word…. we either love it or find it haunting us.  We either feel we have enough or are lacking a lot. 

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.”   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ouch, I don’t think I really like that quote, only because I think it rings true.  I do waste a lot of time on unproductive things, which could in turn be used on good things – like self-care for me!  I find the issue of breaking bad habits hard, how about you?

I really loved this first section of the chapter as well….. it resonated with me immensely. 

“The prioritization of our passions benefits us in every way – internally (spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) and externally (in our relationships with other people and how we interact with them).  We are more fulfilled, which leads to greater joy and peace.”


Part 3, Maximize

Chapter 7, Prioritizing Your Activities

Chapter 8, Using Your Time Efficiently


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