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  1. Another great video, thank you.

  2. “It is important to keep in mind that internal use has risks. Because the mucous membrane is thinner, it allows for a more rapid ingestion of essential oils. Any safety concerns associated with the essential oil become more of a concern when ingested, as “up to 95% reaches the bloodstream when used internally” than the “potential 10% when used topically.” (source)

    Physical contact of essential oils on the mucous membranes can cause immediate irritation, or even burns. Long-term consequences of allowing essential oils to physically touch this delicate skin can lead to permanent damage, including scarring and ulcers, as well as liver and/or kidney damage, and the potential for cancer.”

  3. There are many different thoughts on this topic and sources of referral, thank you for your sharing. I am completely comfortable ingesting 100% PURE Young Living Oil in my water on a regular basis, as well as many of the other YLEO’s and have found great results as many have. But each person needs to make their own decisions based on their own research and findings. Honestly, there are more harmful things we are ingesting into our bodies on a daily basis that I would be more concerned about than essential oils, but that is my own opinion. I would be interested to find the research sources claiming ulcers as well as liver or kidney damage and potential cancer, although they are not cited.