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  1. Susan, this series hit at just the right time. After working a temp job for a year, I am back home. I am confident God will provide, but I have to admit I am nervous about the loss of income. Thank you for the advice and the pep talk!

  2. I will add you to my prayer list – He will provide, but I know our flesh makes it hard to see that. 🙂

  3. Susan, you are so right about this! I know, because my husband and I have had no debt, other than our mortgage, for more than 20 years.

    When we married, I had a bit of credit card debt, which he paid off for me. Since then, we have made sure to pay our credit card bills in full every month. We do charge basic necessities, but we are not paying interest or fees for the privilege (in fact,we earn some points) because we always pay that bill in full and on time. It is so important not to give into the temptation to just pay the minimum!

    At some point we realized that borrowing money for a car just made the car too expensive. With interest, you will pay 25-30% more than the actual price of the car. If we can pay $300 a month to the bank, we can pay $300 a month to ourselves instead. Our policy is to save for a car and buy a new one, for cash, only when we truly need it. (I drove my last car for 17 years, and I expect to drive the current one for about that long as well.)

    By not having a pile of debt, we have been able to save some money. When a huge, expensive emergency came along recently, we were able to survive it because we could dip into those savings. Yes, it was painful to spend the money, but we didn’t have to go into debt to deal with the situation.

    We aren’t rich, but we are free from the trap of debt, and that makes a huge difference in the way we are able to live and the way we feel about the future.