Beating the Clock


I know almost every mom I talk to feels like they just never get caught up.  The continuing guilt is enough to make anyone grumpy, but especially moms.  We are usually the hardest ones on ourselves and never cut ourselves any slack.

So as I sit at a pivotal point trying to restructure my days and priorities due to a “surprise” (which I will share more about as soon as I can) that came today, I thought I would share some of the points I am pondering about how I will still complete necessary tasks and fit in some of the optional ones too!

  • Delegate

What can you delegate?  I am looking at the tasks that I do for my family, my home and my business and seeing what I can give to someone else to do.  This is extremely hard for me, as I like to do it all!  But I have to realize, and especially realize with my husbands nudging, that I will not be able to do it all and everyone will suffer, especially me.  Have I ever mentioned he is a wise man?  I will be asking for more help with ordinary things and hopefully that will ease up my time.  Online grocery shopping is one of my favorite delegations.

  • Cut Out

What can you completely cut out of your day?  I know for me there are tasks and really frivolous ways that I end up spending my time that I just need to be more aware of, sometimes called time drains.  These are such things as TV, internet, or chatting endlessly on the phone.  For me, I don’t watch much TV or sit chatting on the phone, but the internet is truly one of my best friends.  So I have decided to really try to set only certain times to be on the computer, checking email and responding.  I will also be limiting my social network interaction for a period of time while I am in transition.  This is a must.  What areas do you find that you can effortlessly waste time?  I know you have some!

  • Lower Your Standards

This pertains to how clean I would like to keep my home.  I am rather obsessed at times with making sure my home is clean or orderly, but I realize this takes me away from other much more important tasks or relationships.  So I am having to look at areas I can lower my standards so that I can relax more and enjoy my “surprise.”  Do I have to vacuum nearly everyday, well, not really.  Where else can I change my expectations in order to free up some time?

So, just a few tips and ideas that came to mind as I re-evaluate how I can find more time in my day for what really matters right now.  There really is enough time in the day, I just seem to find ways to completely lose minutes, over and over again.  The key I see is to eliminate the things that truly don’t matter.

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