Being the GrownUp


“You can only be young once, but you can always be immature.”  -Dave Barry (1947- )

Jenny’s TakeOuch. I know that this is true for me. Just because my age is greater than my kids’, my behavior often isn’t. I am just more subtly immature than they are. Whenever we are faced with a situation and we feel our blood start to boil, the most important thing we can do is to pause and reinforce this thought to ourselves: I am the grownup here and I am going to act like it right now.

Grownups don’t need our children to like what we say or what we do. We do what’s best for them regardless of how they feel about that fact. We don’t need their validation or appreciation to feel good about the job we’re doing in raising them. It’s when we actually seek those things from them that we find ourselves acting just as immaturely as they are. And that’s not a pretty picture no matter how you look at it.

Jenny Runkel Director of Content for The ScreamFree Institute

The Confident Moms Take: Yes, being the grownup is tough sometimes, but that is what your kids need from you above all else.  I love that one of my kids tells me that they can come to me and share with me news that maybe isn’t so great, just because they know I won’t freak out!  This has taken me awhile to get to, this point where I can calmly ask more questions rather than verbally thrashing out.  I have found it definitely more productive for both of us. Our children need that adult to walk along side them, helping them sort through the problem at hand rather than berating them or just walking away.  I can feel confident knowing that when my children are faced with telling me news I don’t want to hear, that they will be met with a calm grownup!

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