How About a “Staycation”?


So this summer I have decided to institute at least one “Staycation” into our summer schedule.  Maybe you’ve heard the buzz going around about this concept?  You take a vacation from your work, but you don’t leave town!  Brilliant!

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest complaints with vacations is that by the time I get everyone ready for the “vacation” and while we are on the “vacation” I am still doing all the cooking, laundry, and picking up after everyone that when I finally return home and the rest of my family has rested and relaxed – I need a “VACATION”.  Am I the only mom who feels this way?

I think this idea will be a great way to stay at home, find some down time in our schedule and enjoy time together just hanging out.  It will be great on our budget and I know it will be better for me – no packing, no extra grocery purchases – just the thought has me wanting to change our current planned vacations into “staycations.”  A “staycation” is the perfect combination of relaxation without spending a lot of money on hotels, food and tourist attractions.

I can see the only addition to our “staycation” is possibly a few more nights eating out trying new restaurants in our neighborhood, something we don’t do on a regular basis.  We could certainly find coupons that would save money on that.  It would be fun for everyone, but mostly me!  The key to having a successful “staycation” is to purposefully avoid anything that involves work.  I am into that!  Just having fun – not cleaning the house, not finishing that bathroom project, not even mowing the lawn!  Would you be doing these things if you were on an actual vacation?  I think not!

I have a few ideas to help fill my time during our “staycation” and help my family get to love this idea – and even save some money!

Find free passes to your local tourist attractions. Check to see if your local library offers free passes to area attractions.  Many merchants also offer discount coupons.  It can be a lot of fun to learn about things that are in your own backyard.

Do touristy stuff during the week. Visit tourist attractions and state parks during the week when they are less crowded.  You’ll enjoy the sites much more when things aren’t as busy.

Check out your local newspaper for activities you can do.  Many cities offer free live music and arts events during the summer, so put those on your to-do list.

Spend time at the beach or pool. Soaking up that Vitamin D and splashing in the warm water can really do wonders for your mood.

Camp in your backyard or at a nearby campground. Camping is a fun, inexpensive way to connect with your family.  Just don’t forget the s’mores!

So what do you think?  Are you up for a “staycation” too?  If you decide to try it out I would love to hear how it goes.

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