Replacing My Anger with God’s Love



We’ve all experienced it, the loss of patience, control and spewing of angry words, harsh tones and then regret.  I have had more than my share for sure and will often carry the load of guilt around like a treasured possession, even though I should allow grace to step in and release me if I have asked forgiveness.

“Feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and exhausted, I just wanted to take a nap.”

I could relate to that phrase Sue wrote in the very beginning of the chapter.  So many times my loss of “self-control” is due to my lack of taking time, being rested and slowing down.  I lose my patience because my expectations of a situation are much higher than the reality.  It is something I work on every singe day.  I am imagine you feel the same as well.

This chapter gave me a renewed perspective on my anger, how it erupts and what I can do about it.  There were a few very significant quotes that really resonated with me:

“The hidden habits of the heart can imprison our mind and emotions.”    

What does that mean to you?  How does reflecting on that change your perspective?

“Anger begins as a seed in the mind that takes root and grows.”

Oh, how I can take hold of this one and run with it.  I have the worst negative self-talk and ability to hold onto thinking that is not only negative but down right destructive to my relationships and my own spirit.  I know this does not help in my own tendency to suffer with depression and anxiety.  But with prayer and His guidance I can change my thinking and what I hold onto in my mind.

This is reflective in my actions, my responses and my ‘over’ reactions.

In a recent study I did of Lysa Terkeurst’s book, “Unglued” I discovered that I am both a stuffer and an exploder – and I explored the people I tend to use both outlets on.   I realized that my feelings and agenda have a lot to do with how I react and respond to different people.

Which brings me to what Sue said:

Most of the time however, we become angry or frustrated when we do not get what we want.  We have a goal that has been blocked or an agenda that has been thwarted.”

I find this spot on.  Like I said before, expectations play a big role on what I think of myself, others and how I respond and react.  I am so interested to find out how you can replace your angry tone (and mine) words and thinking with the positive that God so desires to pour into us.

I will be posting some questions this week in the Facebook group and look forward to sharing!  If you are not in the Facebook group, please feel to comment here and I will respond.

“With the help of God and by the grace of God, you are able to be the best mom in the world for your children.”  –  Sue Detweiler

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