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Declutter master closet/drawers

This task is always an eye opener for me and interestingly enough I just read a great article on Giving Up New Clothes for a Year  by Sarah Peck of it starts with over on Becoming Minimalist.  She shares her journey of intentionally NOT buying new clothes for a year (except shoes and underwear, as needed).  She had a few great points that struck me, but one in particular:

“I learned, slowly, that having excess stuff was giving me a headache, wasting my time and energy, and wasting a lot of money I wanted to focus on eliminating debt.”

Fortunately for me during this time in my life, I do not have debt – so my incentive for perhaps trying an experiment like this is not to eliminate debt, but I think of what I could otherwise do with the money that I spend on clothing that I really do not truly NEED.  It becomes very clear to me when I have to clean out my closet that I have too much.

How much simpler would my laundry routine be if everyone in my home had less?

How would I feel when I walk into my closet and I can find my favorite things waiting for me to wear, instead of weeding through things that clutter it?

Who could I bless by giving away a lot of what I have – and even more,  who would be blessed by using the money I would have used on clothing and funneled it elsewhere?

A good friend of mine shared a book recently that she was considering reading, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker.  It is a true story of how she and her family took 7 months and identified 7 areas of excess and made 7 intentional choices to fight back in those areas.  It sounds intriguing, but honestly very scary, but I am wondering if it is a challenge I am ready to take as well?

I will be praying these two things in the next coming weeks.  I know my stuff does not define me and we can get really comfortable with having more and more, so maybe it is time to clean out more than my closet?

Do you feel inclined to challenge yourself in this area of excess?

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