Letting Go and Moving Forward

Packing up and moving is not for the weak. It’s a lot of work.

To push emotions even further, add in selling 80% of your treasured possessions you’ve accumulated over the past 48 years too. It has been a bit crazy the past few months, as we sold our home, sold 80% of our furniture and belongings, and begin a new adventure of life at the beach.

Selling a home is emotional, exhausting, and will often bring you to the edge of insanity. I cannot be more grateful for God’s provision in this season, making it a bit easier than it may have been. I know He’s walking this path with me now as we get ready to say goodbye to many friends and family and are open to His leading.

Today, I’ll share a few of my secrets to managing this season of transition.

Making Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying

This book has been amazing in helping me determine what I want to keep, what needs to go, and how to proceed.

On page 13 of Melissa’s book, there is a poem that I felt so drawn too. I know you will too. It is all the things wrapped up together in one spot that have kept me from ridding my home of those things that do not provide joy to me, but rather a sense of obligation.

"The Things" Poem

These sentences here have saved me a lot of guilt and gave me the ability to release a lot of things!

Surrender Essential Oil

This inviting oil blend helps a person to surrender a controlling attitude, release tension and stress, and create a surrendered state of mind. I have been diffusing this blend and also applying topically to my wrists.

Joy Essential Oil

I have used this oil for over three years – daily! It is my saving grace for helping me support and manage my emotions and keep everyone sane in my home (really, no kidding!). It is incredible for helping to break emotional blockages, which I found plagued me for over 30 years. Place this little gem over your heart daily and it will inspire you.

Valor Essential Oil

This blend helps bring about a spirit of courage, confidence, and uplifts the self-esteem. The smell is amazing too. Every time I am out doing errands I am asked about this oil when I am wearing it. It will ignite your senses for sure and uplift your spirit.

Transformation Essential Oil

This oil is pretty amazing. It has helped me release past memories, especially associated with all the boxes of memorabilia I have been sorting through. This is an emotional experience – and for those who’ve done this before, I know you can relate. The emotions released from this activity can either hurt or help you move forward, and this oil blend can help replace negative emotions with joy, hope, and courage.

Release Essential Oil

I have been using this blend at bedtime in order to help my body process and release the emotions of moving, starting a new phase of my life, and allowing my subconscious to be open to new beginnings. It is one of the most powerful of the emotionally supporting essential oil blends.

Clarity Essential Oil

This blend I received free this month with my order and I love it. It helps promote a clear mind and amplifies mental alertness and vitality. It increases energy when you may be overly tired and brings greater focus to the spirit and the mind. Even if you are not going through a season of change, this oil is incredible for keeping a busy mom grounded and thinking straight in that brain fog!

Stress Away Essential Oil

The name says it all. This blend helps bring about feelings of peace and tranquility to both adults and children  – ahem, yes, children! It is pretty darn amazing! It has helped bring me out of some crazy downhill spirals with my emotions by improving my mental response to situations. I can certainly tell you – when you are in the process of moving, emotions are high in everyone! This is applied and diffused daily!

Into the Future Essential Oil

This blend is particularly effective at helping leave the past behind in order to progress forward with vision and excitement. With all the tasks that need to get done with selling a home, it can easily bring you down and discouraged. This oil has helped keep my spirits up and push ahead through the fear of the unknown and what the future holds. It helps me grab hold of God’s plan and trust Him even more.

We all handle phases of life differently. Maybe you’ve had a recent move and it’s been an especially easy transition – I love that – but if you are looking for some additional support as you transition into a new phase, maybe one of my little essential oils can help. I love that I can simply open a bottle of oil and take a whiff and begin a transformation within 20 seconds. I don’t have to wait, there is no mess, and I can be empowered immediately with an action step.

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