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Help Susan Help These Children!


  1. Becoming a CASA (court appointed special advocate) is also a great way to serve foster care kids. CASA volunteers advocate on behalf of foster kids in the court room. It is a great way to make a lifelong impact in the life of a child!

  2. YES! I knew I would forget something – thank you so much for sharing yet another way those who have a heart to help children can get involved!!

  3. No one ever mentions this…but help a foster parent do housework. As the foster mom of a very high needs boy who blows through my house like a walking tornado I often just don’t have the energy for cleaning after dealing with his emotional issues.

  4. I love that idea – yes, it didn’t even cross my mind – although I could always use the help too! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. We received our child through kinship. I was her childcare provider since she was a week and a half old. We fell in love with her started the foster license and she moved in at 4 months. We are now 6 months in and she was just moved to adoption!! God is so good! We feel blessed to been given this opportunity. It’s true what they say, “when one door closes another will open!”

  6. That is great, also that you were obedient! Such a need and thank you for sharing your life, your home and hearts!

  7. Thank you for this. I just happened upon your post via pinterst. We are fostering a 16 month old – since he was 4 months old. Empty nesters starting over 🙂 We are 44 and 55 years old, so totally relate to be the momma with the grey hair!

  8. WOW – I get it!! I just wrote about how I am the old mommy with a little one and it feels so weird! Thank you for opening your home.

  9. I fostered around ten kids in my short period of three years. at the end I adopted three beautiful kids who today are 13, 10 and 5. would not have changed anything.

  10. Awe, love that!!!!!

  11. I will add #12 Share your baby/toddler gear and clothing/shoes, etc. Our crib/rocker/highchair were generously given to us by a dear friend and a few years later we got to give it back to her for her foster/adopted children Our kids have been blessed by dear friends and complete strangers who gave us clothes, shoes,strollers etc.

  12. Great addition!!! Yes, we’ve shared a lot of items as well, certainly helps make it a bit easier

  13. Hello, my husband and I are doing our classes for the county here this weekend for the fostering classes. We have so many questions and it seems as though the county informs is that they have time to answer any questions but there are some questions unanswered. For example when you get the call are you allowed to ask what the child’s file looks like so that you get a chance to review what the child has encountered? Also are you allowed to ask that you want long term somehow somewhere down the line. Even though my husband and I both know that it might be sometime before we get that opportunity. It would be some peace of mind and keep the hope of requesting for the line term (foster to adopt)

  14. I think it really depends on the state and how they run. We were always able to look at the file, but that could vary – I pray you will get the support you need!! Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone and helping!

  15. Thanks for the information and alternatives to caring for children long term. My family is grown and I’ve been thinking of some type of short term commitment..