I Saved 67% at the grocery store – how about you?


Okay, so as you all get to know me and my “quirky” side – I am sure you will learn to appreciate and want all my “secrets” on how I don’t pay retail for anything!

For example: I stopped by the grocery store the other evening, which in of itself is an uncommon event (I am an avid grocery delivery person!) but here I am at Safeway, equipped with some coupons and a short list of items. I stroll through the store, looking lost actually as I cannot think of the last time I was actually IN a grocery store…..but I gather up my items: shredded cheese, butter, yogurt, a value pack of T-Bone Steaks, a few bananas, horseradish sauce (my hubby likes spicy stuff) and a bag of onions.

I trot up to the checker with my items, hand over my coupons, she rings me up and looks at me suspiciously. S

he asks me where did I get all these coupons, and I tell her some I got in the mail, others I clipped. She totals the bill and again, looks at me suspiciously. Then I understand why……my total savings on my bill was 67%!! My bill was $43.77 – I saved $88.66 with coupons and store savings. I often played a little game with myself a few years back, where I would keep track of my savings each time I shopped, the higher the savings percentage the more excited I got!

Well, I will say that THIS time has topped it all – this is my all time record. I am not sure I will ever beat this one, but if you truly know me you also know that I will never give up! This is a challenge that I am up for. This experience gave me a notion though….if I can do this, hey – you can too! So I have decided to offer some kind of forum where I can share my savings secrets – and I do have a ton! So stay tuned to hear how you can learn my savings techniques and stretch your family’s budget even farther.

My biggest claim to fame has been how I managed to finagle a trip to Hawaii for my family of 5, stay in a water view penthouse suite on a golf course for a week, get a rental car, food and airfare for just under $3000. Yep, one thing I can do well is stretch our funds and I would love to share with you how I do that!


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