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  1. Can we use this with babies?

  2. Can you use this on a 2 month old? I’ve heard you shouldn’t use peppermint on children under the age of two? Something to do with causing respiratory issues.

  3. As with using any essential oils I would do your research and make decisions on what you feel comfortable with and the quality of essential oil. There has been some cases where peppermint can actually act as a vasoconstrictor, but it is very rare – one Dr. in our community has never seen a case, but still you need to be aware. It happens to about 1:10,000 is the estimate. If it were me and had a child under 2 I would use this rub on their feet and/or below the belly button to be more cautious.

    Also the peppermint in this recipe is from the Raven blend, so much less than using straight peppermint, so already diluted to be a small amount.

  4. This is a great recipe! I made a very small batch of this for a travel kit and am very happy it will be coming with me as I’m at the tail end of a cold right now. Thanks for posting! =)