9 Fall Family Fun Ideas



The mornings are getting cool and the leaves are turning – fall is in the air.  I am definitely one who enjoys the cool, brisk mornings, the warm beverages that you can hold in your hand and sip and the routine that fall brings.

Over the years our family has shared a few fun fall activities to bring in the season and create tradition.  Perhaps incorporating one or two of these into your fall season would bring some needed change and family bonding, they have for us!


We done a few hayrides during my years as a parent, I am going on 22 years now as a mom – we were out of that season for awhile, but with a four year old in the house – it is time again to enjoy this fun fall tradition.  Even though we have many allergic to grass/hay in our family – we’ve got a remedy for that!  


We have fun bringing out the fall decorations at our house.  This is something I didn’t really know my kids looked forward to until one year I didn’t bring them out fast enough.  Hanging a simple fall wreath on the front door and changing some decor inside, really freshens things up.  I love this printable I found too – perfect in my frame by our front door.

Make Apple Butter

Fall means apples, especially in our neck of the woods – The Pacific Northwest!  You can certainly go pick apples at a local farm, find a farmers market and buy a huge box, or just use what you have.  I just made a great batch of Crock Pot Apple Butter (this recipe is the easiest and my hubby’s favorite!) and it is the perfect way to ring in apple season.  

Homemade Apple Cider

Homemade is always better, in my opinion, for so many reasons.  You can change ingredients to fit your taste as well as make it healthier.  I found this easy recipe for Homemade Apple Cider and I am going to mark it on our calendar!


One of my most favorite things to do as a child was to rake leaves and jump in them.  We had a huge yard with the biggest Maple tree – which filled our backyard with leaves.  It is fun to run and jump, but why not do a few crafts with leaves and/or press them to use in your home for decorating.

Enjoy Chilly

Bundle up and get outside!  Take a walk in the woods, ride bikes on a trail take a stroll down to grab a hot beverage or make some hot chocolate at home before heading off outside.  Hats, scarves and down jackets are perfect for bundling up and enjoying the outdoors.

Pumpkin Pie

Why not try making a pumpkin pie completely from scratch!??  I know sounds crazy – but what an experience and memory making.  Buying or even picking the pumpkin fresh from the field, cooking down the fresh pumpkin and making the crust – this would be an all day project, but worth every penny!  Take pictures to keep the memory alive, you likely won’t want to do it again!  🙂

Marshmallow Roast

Bundle up after dinner and head outside to roast some marshmallows, drink cocoa and make s’mores!  We purchased a fire pit (like this one) and have not used it as much as I would have hoped….. so I am determined to get a bit more excited about gathering everyone up after dinner and having some fun around the fire pit rather than just the TV.  Conversations develop that would not otherwise, I know this and it takes intentional set-up to make it happen.  We might even pick a book that would be fun to read through and do that while keeping warm and watching the flames.

Corn Maze

I admit – I hate corn mazes – but others in my family love them.  So….. I go too.  A few years ago we went to a pumpkin patch which had a maze and in the center was a small baseball field.  It was just like out of “Field of Dreams” – and to this day my four year old talks about that corn maze.  Memories…….

What is your favorite fall activity to do as a family?

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