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  1. I think practially minded is great, I just think there needs to be a happy balance. Both my husband and I are practically minded, I got a dishwasher a couple of Christmases ago, a BBQ for my birthday 5 years ago, just to mention a couple of practical items. My husband usually asks for tools which obviously benefit the family in the long run, all of the practical stuff does. That being said, I think a balance is nice. Something frivilous or not so practical is welcome. Its nice to be surprised and thought to be worthy of something thoughtful yet frivilous, does that make sense?

  2. Jennifer Hall says

    Practical too. Hubby asked what I wanted for our first Christmas together. I requested a new toilet seat. He thought I was kidding. Nope. Give me a household organizational or maintenance tool over a diamond ANY day. Don’t bring me flowers- they die & I have to spend time changing water, & feel guilty when the droop and it’s time to throw them away. I don’t like an anniversary gift, but I do like to go away overnight to a hotel & eat a nice restaurant dinner. Very low maintenance and content.

  3. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it, especially since it seems like it suits both of you.

    My mama & I were actually talking about this yesterday in reference to Christmas gifts, i.e., that if we want something, we buy it ourselves so it doesn’t really leave a lot to the imagination of gift giving. But I think that’s okay, especially if Gifts aren’t your Love Language (they are not mine at all).

  4. I agree with the practical gifts. How I would love pedestals (if I ever get the front load which I am asking for). I also told my hubby he could get me new skillets, a treadmill or eliptical. But, I would never be upset if I got some bling!!!!!

  5. Hi Susan! I’ll admit to being completely thrilled last Valentine’s Day when my husband presented me with my first steam mop! Still in love with it to this day… and with hubby!