Is Parenthood like College??


Caught your curiosity, huh?  During my travels to Chicago last week I was able to snag some time to read something just for fun!  I have been enjoying Jen Singer’s book, “14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime“, she is one of my favorite mom authors who can make fun of herself and we all can relate – we’ve been there!  When I stumbled upon this list she included in her book:  “Twenty Ways Parenthood is Just Like College”, I just had to share this.  I was giggling so hard in my aisle seat people were beginning to stare!

I have 2 copies of Jen’s latest books to giveaway – so look for that contest announcement.  Now that the kiddos are getting back to school we all know we just won’t know what to do with ourselves – you’ll have plenty of time to sit around reading your new books!  Actually it is more like while waiting in the car at soccer practice or ballet!  In any event,  find yourself a private spot and start your weekend out with a good giggle.  ♥

Twenty Ways Parenthood is Just Like College:  by Jen Singer

1)  You feel like you’re constantly being tested.

2)  Someone’s always smarter than you (or at least they think they are).

3)  Your roommates are slobs, and they steal your food.

4)  All-nighters.

5)  You get kicked our of the library for leaving behind crumbs and creating a ruckus.

6)  Keg parties and parties at Chuck E. Cheese produce the same kind of hangover.

7)  You never seem to be able to get the place to yourself.

8)  Naps.

9)  People talk to you while you’re in the shower.

10)  You hate your roommate’s music, and they hate yours.

11)  You can neither identify nor locate the source of that funky smell coming from the closet.

12)  There’s nothing in your bank account.

13)  Five in the morning is really, really, early – or really, really late – depending on whether or not you’ve been to bed yet.

14)  Hey!  How about a pizza?  Again!

15)  You’re too exhausted to retain what you’re reading.

16)  Oh, now you can identify that smell:  You forgot to take that half-eaten sandwich out of the backpack yesterday.

17)  You’re wearing your college sweatshirt again today, because it’s the cleanest thing you could find.

18)  Someone always leaves a party crying.

19)  You think you’re the only one who feels clueless.

20)  It goes so fast.

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  • Dawn Dietz

    Okay! I totally relate, and I am laughing so hard, I may wet my pants!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • So glad it gave you a good laugh – Jen Singer is the funniest MOM author out there. Make sure you sign up for the giveaway for her books when I announce it! Thanks for reading and a BIG thank you for commenting!

  • Melissa

    Hi Susan, That is so funny. I will have to check her out. Melissa(from Memphis)

  • Thanks Melissa! Jen Singer is a hoot, I love her books and her take on being a mom. It surely is nice to read something other than “self-help” parenting books sometimes!

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