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  1. Such a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your life & experiences with all of us mothers & wives!! I have been struggling with some of the very same problems and your post helped me to realize i’m not alone!!! Thank you again!!

  2. I felt your virtual hug! I was so nervous about sharing this and putting myself way out there with these horrible feelings, but I just knew someone else would be helped with me being vulnerable and real. I am praying for each woman who reads this today that they will feel His presence in helping return the Joy to their days and serving their family.

  3. Stephanie Southwick says

    Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing mom and wife. You are right in the middle of God’s will. Love you friend.

  4. Rocquin Bogard says

    Hi Susan!

    This post touched my heart in more ways then one. I love reading all your posts and I strive to be a better wife and mother daily. However this post was just what I needed. Even those that appear to have it all together struggle just like me and I am not alone in this walk. I have wanted so many times to write to you to share my struggle and to ask for prayer but could never find a direct link to you. So I decided to leave a comment and I hope you read it. May God bless you and your family. You are truly a blessing to me and so many other women. I look to you for some sort of healing because I lost my mom back in 2005. She struggled with Lupus and then was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in her liver. There are so many things we didn’t get a chance to discuss and I hate that. You have that mothering ,nurturing, loving way about yourself that I miss so much in my mother and I’m grateful that I can come to your blog and find mercy and grace. You truly are a titus woman, teaching the younger women (in Christ) how to be godly women after God’s own heart, keepers of their homes, wives to their hubby’s and mothers to their children. I pray for God’s blessings over you and your family. I pray for your renewed strength and courage, in Jesus name!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles, I am that mom you were hoping to reach that needed to hear she isn’t alone and isn’t the only mom struggling with these issues. Daily I struggle to overcome my thoughts of selfishness and then the guilt about feeling selfish, it’s such a vicious cycle. I am looking forward to your bible study and the verse I constantly find myself quoting is ‘This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.’ Psalm 118:24

  6. Amber, thank you for sharing the verse – I am going to write a post for tomorrow that shows how I am pushing into this issue for me, kind of a guide to overcoming now, instead of just knowing the sin is there. I pray it will be helpful for others. I don’t have all the answers, but I certainly can share what I am doing in hopes that it will help another mom who feels she is at her lowest. May God bring you Joy and Peace as you serve your family!

  7. I too have been feeling very discontent, frustrated and battling selfish desires lately. I have been praying for God to fill my heart with peace, joy, patience and love as I go about my role as Wife, Mom and homemaker so that there will be no room for impatience, anger and resentment. I find I need to pray this several times a day but when I do it makes such a huge difference. I have never wanted to be anything more than a wife and mother.
    I also happened across this saying and found it to be very accurate for me. “If you find yourself a bit frustrated or overwhelmed it’s a sign that you are spending less time with God and more time with this world” I need to remember to focus on what really matters and set the rest aside. My kids having the perfect outfits for an upcoming occasion is Not Important! Wasting massive amounts of time on the internet also adds to my feeling overwhelmed and agitated. I miss so much when I’m sitting behind a computer screen. I find myself in a more peaceful and content state of mind when I truly see all that is going on around me. Thank you for posting it is so helpful to know others are struggling with the same things and encourage and reminds me to keep on fighting the good fight! I look forward to more posts about how you are overcoming these feelings.

  8. You are not alone – thank you for sharing. I found that even though I was feeling this way, the more time I spent with God it was clear to me it was something that needed attention, severely. You are right, get out from the computer screen and take note and appreciate what we have – thanks for the word!

  9. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for pouring out what’s been in. We are not alone in this journey. God is amazing as soon as we open up and reveal what’s hidden in our hearts HE comes running to us with open arms of Forgiveness and LOVE. Every comment left was GOD reaching out to you. God Bless you for giving all of us HOPE and encouragement and most of all the message not to believe the LIES of the evil one. Keep steadfast. Peace be with you and your family.

  10. Thank you for such encouragement Diana – you have blessed my day tremendously!

  11. Thank you for being transparent. I am a single mom and this is a daily struggle for me. My days are long and my nights are lonely. Your post was a breathe of fresh air, I thought only single moms felt selfish. It is amazing how the enemy will try and make you feel all alone and tell you lies like you are a horrible mother, look at the piles of laundry, real moms read to their children every night even if they are tired..this is what plays in my head….then I soak into myself and feel defeated. Then I start trying to prove the enemy wrong and get nothing accomplished. Then I say to myself, who is going to take care of me, homework this, changing pamper there, wash clothes, do not forget to schedule their doctor appointment, oh wait, make sure you balance the checkbook, wait I forgot to get cash for the field trip. Woooo, that felt good to get off my chest! LOL! I want to thank you for being you and allowing the Lord to use you to minister to me. Be Blessed!

  12. Tawanna – you are serving your children beyond measure – I’ve been there and I do know. As a single mom for 8 years I get feeling overwhelmed and so exhausted with no time for you. I feel bad even as I type this for my heart to be in this frame of my mind when I have a helpful husband as my assistant. We are struggle, we are all sinners and we all need incredible GRACE, I pray you find peace in Him and He can comfort you as no other human can. Hold tight girlfriend!

  13. I am married to an officer who works long hours, we have three children and in lost my job about a year ago so i stay home with the toddler during the day. I struggle constantly and waver back and forth on living the right way and then bam I sin again. I feel so frustrated being the “it” for everyone and never feeling like anyone is ever there for just me. Like now as I sit her with strep throat there is no break and still things that everyone expects of me. What about the mom once in a while.

  14. I can relate, especially when our bodies are depleted and we are sick. I pray for healing and for a fresh perspective – may God meet you right here.

  15. Susan Thank you so much for your post. I’m not a mother or a wife yet, but I’m 24 and work a full time job at the hospital as a CNA. I live by myself. I’ve been so overwhelmed this past year because the Lord told me to be still and not pursue anything (hard to do when your 24), which I have, but I know that working in the hospital isn’t my future and that makes me restless here. God is using it to refine me, and I know I should be eager to serve Him in every moment. What does Paul say in Ephesians? “As a prisoner for the Lord. I have learned to be content wherever the Lord has called me…” I guess you could say this is my calling for now and I definitely feel like a prisoner. I am fighting to be content but I desperately long for whatever comes next. This post made me realize that the enemy is fighting hard and where my heart is is sinful. It’s just self. Self is in the way. I’m trying so hard to fight my way out of it but I feel like the waves keep pulling me back into the abyss. I want to be content here, because I know God is setting the stage in my heart for a solid foundation in Him. I’m just so exhausted all the time. Bills, life, small income, physically and emotionally demanding job, 12 hour shifts, its only me and if I don’t make it I’m stuck. I feel like He asks me to be emotionally available all the time for my patients. I just pour and pour and pour out and feel like it’s never enough. People take things out on me and get mad at the healthcare world. I want to hold back so I don’t get hurt anymore. I’ve become selfish and depressed and those are not who the Lord has made me to be, and I haven’t struggled with them in ages. I guess I have started putting my hope in worldly desires instead of God’s goodness. But I think your post helped me find clarity in the storm. Now I know what I can pray into. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and transparent. Many Blessings to you and your family.