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  1. Hey Susan! Since I moved out of my mother’s (4 years ago) I never bought a microwave. It hasn’t been a priority and even when sometimes I think that a microwave would make things much easier (think about reheating two, three or more different food in a portioned single plate vs. using -and cleaning thereafter- 3 different pans over the stove for heating), most of the time I’m grateful that my tight budget hasn’t allowed me to get one. Anyway, I’ll read the articles you pointed, just for reinforcement (maybe to remind to my self the reasons I’m better without one, next time while I’m washing pans after heating over the stove).

  2. We completely got rid of our microwave at the beginning of this year, and haven’t missed it. We, too, have also gotten rid of plastic in the kitchen (with the exception of a couple things that are set to go and be replaced within the next week or so!). My husband still uses some plastic in his lunch, though he mostly uses glass.