Busy Moms – Get Fit in 25 minutes a Day …..REALLY!


The year is coming to an end and I am getting more frustrated with myself because I have NOT returned to my normal running schedule. Why is it so hard to get back into a habit but so easy to break it? After falling down the stairs in late September and hurting my tailbone, I have struggled to get back into any running routine. Now trying to run a few miles is like agony, it is like walking straight uphill – although the treadmill is at 0% incline! ARG!

Hope is on the way for me and for other busy moms who struggle with similar fitness goals. Face it – we are busy, and even if there is time in the day to “workout” (however that looks for you), there will always seemingly be something that is more important to take care of then ourselves.

A few weeks ago I remembered a workout program that I had done  early last year, which was short, to the point and I received wonderful results. It was called 5-Factor Fitness, from the same titled book, “5-Factor Fitness” by Harley Pasternak, M.Sc. (Right now it is only $5.79 BRAND NEW!!)

So before you stop reading this post because you think this is just another one of those workouts that is complicated, takes too much time and doesn’t work…..please stick with me! Ladies, this workout is 5 days a week and only 25 minutes a day. Yep, I am telling you the truth!! You can do this workout at home with a few tools ( a couple dumbbells and some type of bench) or take it to the gym. It is  simple. You start with a 5 minute warm-up, do 10 minutes of strength training, 5 minutes of core work and then 5 minutes of additional cardio. That is it!

I encourage you to find the book, either at your local library, bookstore or order it from amazon as a holiday gift to yourself. I can tell you that it works, and it works because it is simple, short and effective! I am back on the wagon with this routine in order to get myself back up to speed with my appearance, overall muscle toning as well as cardio endurance so I can move on with my running goals for 2010. Won’t you join me? I would love to hear how you do in 2010 and we can celebrate together. This is truly a busy moms guide to simple fitness – get on board! Isn’t it always better with a friend?

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  • This would be perfect for me! I also lost my groove around september after having lost 30 pounds, becoming a runner and finally flattening my post children tummy! In that short time I put on 10 pounds and gained the tummy back. I’m finding it really, really difficult to motivate myself to get back to the gym, although I think of it everyday!I just can’t find the time anymore. 25 minutes seem manageable.

  • I am glad you are willing to “keep on keeping on”!! It is truly a struggle, especially when a day is filled with so many more seemingly important things! It is refreshing to know that I only have to put in 25 minutes – and it is never boring!!! Good Luck!

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