2021 Word Of The Year Rszd

My Word of the Year for 2021

At first, I thought my word for the year 2021 would be "joy." But then I discovered a word that would bring about a much deeper change, and I am ready.
Full Time Rv Living Thoughts 2

5 Random Takeaways of Life on the Road

It's been two weeks of life on the road in our 2021 Airstream Classic, and boy, have I learned a few lessons already! Here's five of my biggest takeaways.
Feeling Grateful This Thanksgiving 2

Feeling Grateful This Thanksgiving Season

This year has been particularly rough for many, but feeling grateful this Thanksgiving will not only help your mindset, but also your physical health.
Hospitality 2

Making Hospitality Easy: 4 Tips for Hosting People in Your Home

Does hosting people in your home give you anxiety? Here are four tips for making hospitality easy so you can open your heart and connect with others.
Living The Rv Life 2

Living the RV Life: Selling it All to Travel Full Time

With much planning, faith, and a little uncertainty, tomorrow we embark on a new journey of living the RV life. We are ready to live a full life—right now.
Grief 2

Grieving Losses Other Than Death

You could be in a season of grief right now. Have you considered that? Grief is not always about death. Grieving losses other than death is very real.
Self Care 2

Self-Care: Giving Yourself Permission

Choosing to practice regular self-care is important in helping you be your best self. Give yourself permission to take in the nourishment you need.
Real Food Weeknight Dinners 3

Simple Real Food Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Your family will love these real food weeknight dinner recipes...and you will love how easy it is to whip up nutritious, tasty meals!
Winter Wellness 2

6 Immune-Boosting Habits

Here are six simple immune-boosting habits you can implement right now to support your body and enjoy better heath for you and your family.
Helping Kids Disagree Respectfully 2

Helping Kids Disagree Respectfully

helping kids disagree respectfully