Chemical Free Hot Tub Maintenance


Chemical Free Hot Tub Maintenance

I have been on a mission in our home to use chemical free options for nearly everything – and I do mean everything. From cleaning toilets, showers, hardwood floors, sinks, laundry, dishes, yard spray, and finally we have conquered the HOT TUB! YES!

So, I asked my husband (who is the hot tub maintenance expert in our home) to share how he’s been keeping our hot tub clean and user-friendly with no chlorine or chemicals.

Here He Is Sharing…

I’ll do anything to get my lovely bride to join me in the hot tub for a soak. One of her requirements was for me to drastically reduce the chemicals that we use on a weekly basis, hence my experiment with replacing our Hot Tub Chlorine with Thieves Household Cleaner.

Thieves Household Cleaner

Our hot tub is 300 gallons and over 10 years old – well out of warranty, but has been very reliable over the years. We refill the water and clean the filter every 6 months and we don’t have an ozonator. 

We use the hot tub 1-2 times per week and it’s filled, heated, and maintained year-round. On a weekly basis, I used to add ½ oz. of granulated spa chlorine and check the water chemistry using test strips. The pH and alkalinity usually remained in the correct range and the only chemical I added was the weekly chlorine.

Here’s the disclaimer: I’m not a hot tub salesman or a chemist. I do have extensive experience with my personal hot tub and can accurately measure and predict what is needed to maintain a stable water chemistry. Our water in the Seattle area is fairly soft, but minor hardness adjustment is required during the semi-annual refill.

The New Chemical Free Steps

So here’s how I got my bride in the hot tub more often. During the weekly cleaning, I replaced the ½ oz of granulated spa chlorine with 7-8 ml (1 capful) of Thieves Household Cleaner. If we had a lot of people in the tub for an extended soak, I would usually add another ½ capful of Thieves Household Cleaner immediately after everyone got out. 

After adding the Thieves Household Cleaner, I’d let the jets run for 10 minutes like I would normally do with the chlorine. There was some minor foaming for a minute but this quickly went away. Over the last 3 months, I’ve checked the water chemistry every few days and the only measurable that was different was the obvious lack of chlorine.


The results have been great. No chlorine smell, no skin residue, great water clarity, and my bride joins me in the hot tub more often. On a side-note, I’ll occasionally add a 2-3 drops of Young Living Bergamot essential oil or Young Living Grapefruit essential oil and run the jets for 30 seconds before getting in for a nice chill. You might want to consider Young Living Ylang Ylang essential oil as well. (Ooolala!)

From a cost standpoint, a 2 lb cylinder of granulated chlorine usually cost us about $20.00 and would last about a year. The Thieves Household Cleaner is $22 wholesale and will also last you about a year. If you are on Essential Rewards, it will cost you even less – basically $17.60 a bottle because you’re earning 20% back in Essential Rewards points.

Thieves Household Cleaner Details

Thieves Household Cleaner: A Natural Option for Household Cleaners

Not only do I love that my husband has found Thieves Household Cleaner to be helpful to care for our hot tub, I love that I already use it for so many other cleaning jobs in our house, which means we are not buying another product to take up space!

You will find such great results by replacing your chemical cleaners with this plant-based effective cleaner and your family will love you – and your pets!

Like I said at the beginning of the post, I use the cleaner for all my household cleaning – plus outdoor uses. It truly is amazing stuff.

Thieves Household Cleaner: Ditch the Toxins

If the time if now to start ditching the chemicals in your home, I’d love to help you get started.

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Enjoying the Outdoors When Seasons Change



It’s spring! We love the sun, the hope of new life, and enjoying family time!

Yep, we love spring – but what can you do to support your wellness when seasons change? In our home we have a plan and it works great.

It’s LemonLavender, and Peppermint (and sometimes Copaiba too, when we need an additional kick!).

Combating Seasonal Changes Naturally with Essential Oils

Talk about alternatives! You can use these oils either topically, internally, or aromatically – or a combination of it all. Something to remember – essential oils metabolize within two and a half hours, so you will want to be consistent and frequent in your application method.  

For my six year old, I have a mixture of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint diluted with a carrier oil (like grapeseed) in a bottle with a roller ball top, making it is easy and ready to apply even when we are out and about.

There are a few other steps we take as a family too.

We have found it very beneficial to use local honey, even with different thoughts on how effective this can be in the body. I prefer to use local and it fits our methodology.  

We also incorporate NingXia Red into our daily routine and have for over three years.

For myself, I have also added a supplement called Sulfurzyme. It’s a powerful nutritional supplement which has MSM, a natural occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies to help maintain normal structure of proteins. It has pure wolfberry powder in it (NingXia Red is made from the wolfberry) to support joint health.  

Sulfurzyme is very effective in helping to maintain a healthy response to acute inflammation associated with exercise, I use it daily – even when I do not exercise.  I take 2-4 capsules a day and I feel fabulous! Full of life and energy and my skin is vibrant and glowing too. I love side benefits to caring for my body naturally!

So there is our secret. We’ve been incorporating natural methods for over two years to support our body naturally and each year we discover we need less and less. The body is an amazing machine. I also do not eat gluten (which I do feel helps my body function at its best) and I limit dairy (having just raw milk and occasional yogurt). 

So get back outside and enjoy the weather playing with your kids – and breathe easy!

Interested in learning more about using Young Living Essential Oils to support your body? I have you covered!

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Using Essential Oils with Kids


Using Essential Oils with Kids

I had the amazing privilege to share some of my thoughts and experiences using essential oils in my home on the Essential Oil Radio podcast a few weeks back. This is such a passionate topic for me. I wanted to be sure to share it with you all too!

If you’ve ever thought about essential oils and how you could use them with kids, or maybe you already are using essential oils with kids and need to get some tips – this episode is for you!

In this Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The 5 most important oils to use with children. (23:45)
  • Importance of confidence in motherhood (6:15)
  • Oils as emotional support (8:00)
  • Benefit of Young Living oils over generic brands (9:00)
  • Why all kids can and should use essential oils daily (10:25)
  • How using good quality oils and products is more cost effective (11:45)
  • Susan’s experience with using oils for her foster child’s emotional distress (13:00)
  • That a “non-granola” type person can latch onto oils and other health tips (15:05)
  • The effect using oils on children may have on their transformation into adulthood (16:00)
  • Benefits of oils for kids that aren’t so obvious (17:10)
  • Safety tips for oils with children (20:00-23:30)
  • Susan’s much loved yearly planner for your home (34:30)

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

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Simple DIY 100% Natural Laundry Fabric Softener


Simple DIY 100% Natural Laundry Fabric Softener

Laundry. It’s not the most exciting topic for us moms, yet it takes up a bit of our time (whether we like it or not). I have been on a quest to reduce the cost of items in my home, as well as find all natural alternatives, keeping my family’s wellness a number one priority. I have used store bought liquid fabric softeners and fabric sheets in the past (before I knew better). Those products are full of harsh chemicals and aren’t very cost-effective.

Recently, I shared my favorite homemade DIY laundry detergent recipe. Those laundry pods are totally the bomb! They smell amazing and are so easy to make (even the kids can help). So what’s the next step in the clothes washing process to keep as many chemicals as possible out of your laundry room? A simple DIY recipe for an all-natural fabric softener and the use of dryer balls. You’ll never go back to the other stuff.

I have been experimenting and searching for the best fabric softener combination, as well as using dryer balls to reduce the amount of static cling (static is a common problem when you switch from using store bought fabric softeners), for some time. I think I finally have the routine down now. If you’re wanting a cheaper, more natural alternative to the fabric softeners you find in the store, this recipe is for you.

My 100% Natural Fabric Softener Recipe


  • 1 quart of white vinegar – I prefer to purchase in a large quantity from Costco and reuse a glass container
  • 30 drops of essential oils (such as Lavender, Purification, or Lemon) – I recommend this brand


Drop the essential oils in the jar of vinegar and you’re all set! Be sure to shake the bottle before adding approximately 1/4 – 1/2 cup to your load of laundry in the rinse cycle spout.

Magic Secret for Static Free Clothes, Softer Towels, and Fresher Sheets!

Don’t Forget to Use Wool Dryer Balls

Using wool dryer balls (I use these) will dramatically reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes. It will help with softening your clothes when used with the vinegar rinse. I also found that using at least six balls in my drying load will help the issue of static cling.

Depending on what I am drying, I will add 3-5 drops of essential oils directly on a few dryer balls and toss them in. There is nothing better than your freshly laundered bed sheets coming out of the dryer with a lovely, all natural Lavender smell – or your towels coming out with a hint of freshness from some Purification or Lemon essential oil. If you choose to add Lemon essential oil to your vinegar, please be sure to store your softener in a glass container (Lemon essential oil needs to be stored in a glass container).

I love that I can make all of this at home easily and it honestly saves our family money. Plus, we get an even better result and no toxic chemicals that will harm our body!  It’s a total win!

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System


10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

We all want to care for our families in the best way possible. We are the caretakers, the nurturers, and the one who suffers when others don’t feel well. One way we can really up our game in this area is to be learning everyday on what can actually help our body rather than hinder it.

Before you gloss over and think this post will be all about essential oils – hang with me – I am going to share with you what my family uses to help support our immune system – and they are NOT essential oils

You already know how much I love them and many of the ways we incorporate them, but hey – they are not the be-all-end-all for system support! I have some other goodies in my mom toolbox to care for my family, especially during the winter months. Be sure to check with your own physician to decide what is best for you and your family.

#1: Get Enough Sleep and Manage Stress

Sleep deprivation, which is more common today than ever before, and the addition of stress actually increases the hormone cortisol. Prolonged elevation of cortisol actually ends up suppressing immune function. Um, no thank you!

#2: Avoid Refined Sugar

Besides getting enough sleep, avoiding refined sugar is next on the list. Sugar attacks your body and reduces its ability to fight off infection. 


#3: Eat Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Fresh is always best. As a norm, the diet we eat is seriously lacking on important nutrients and minerals. When we cook foods or eat processed versions, it even lowers what our body actually gains from eating. So rather than just get a bunch of empty calories, be sure to eat raw fruits and vegetables to equip your body.

#4: Drink Plenty of Water

Our body craves water and when it becomes dehydrated we are unable to keep flushing out the stuff we don’t want to keep in! I love having a glass water bottle (I even got my six year old a smaller size too!) that I can take anywhere. It is not leaching chemicals into my body either with BPA or other toxins. One of the best changes you can begin to do for you and your family is to drink and eat from glass!

#5: Elderberry Syrup

This is almost like a little “special sauce” in your toolbox! You can use this to combat flu, colds, sinus infections, and boost your immune system. It is pretty darn amazing. You can purchase it ready made (we have used this brand before) or you can make your own using dried berries (these are my favorite and they are on sale right now!) and this recipe.

#6: Vitamin C and/or Emergen-C

No home should be without a way to get extra Vitamin C! We love and use Emergen-C often. It’s easy to take and you are getting more water in your body as well when you take it. You also get some other vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes which your body can use too.

#7: Vitamin D3

I regularly take Vitamin D3 each day, but when I am beginning to feel under the weather, I will boost my intake to about 15,000 IU for two days and then taper back. I have used this brand for over four years and love it. I recently got Vitamin D3 drops for my son who is six, so I could boost his dose too when he needed extra. He does take this mutlivitamin, which is great, but when he needs extra I have it on-hand.

#8: Probiotics

I have learned so much over the past three years, and one big part is understanding how much our gut health impacts everything in our body. I take a probiotic from Young Living, which I love, and I grabbed this one for my six year old. I also purchase yogurt from our local co-op made from grass-fed cow milk which helps keep his gut in good shape. If you are not aware of the relationship with your gut and your overall well-being, I would do some more reading on the topic. You could solve many issues with being intentional with healing your gut.

#9: Get Moving

Exercise – in whatever form you like to get your blood pumping! Getting regular exercise helps to ensure your lymphatic system runs smoothly so it can protect your body against infection and disease.

#10: Eat Garlic

Garlic has a long history of use as an immune system booster because of its antiseptic, anti-fungal, and detoxification properties. Eating this raw is best, but you can take tablets. Adding it to recipes in the last few minutes of cooking will help you get the most from this amazing powerhouse!

What are your favorite immune system support tools?

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