Stop Boredom Blues With The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar


Four Months of Summer Fun With Over 120 Kid Friendly Activities and Recipes

It’s been a strange spring for sure with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping kids and families home for the last several weeks. And while kids may have kept busy with some schoolwork and online activities, by now they are getting a little stir crazy—and quite possibly making you a little crazy too!

It’s okay, dear mama, you are doing the best you can. These are unprecedented times and no one was prepared for this. But you may be wondering how much longer can you keep the kids entertained and the house intact! Summer is nearly here and they’ll be home for the next several weeks and are already quite bored of their usual games. What’s a mom to do?!?

Take charge of your summer with my 2020 Summer Survival Calendar!

If you are familiar and already a long-time purchaser of the Summer Survival Calendar and do not need to know any more, click the HERE to purchase.

Blast Boredom Right Now!

I’m a mom too, and I know just where you’re coming from! I thought, how are we going to make it through the entire summer…it’s been a rough spring! So I got busy and scoured the Internet in search of budget-friendly, creative, and fun-filled activities that families can enjoy together and assembled them in The Confident Mom’s 2020 Summer Survival Calendar. I have done all the work for you, making your summer activities hassle-free!

The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar is a four-month calendar with over 120 activities to blast boredom and increase family time. It features at least one low-budget (and sometimes free) activity, craft project, or kid friendly recipe every day from May 1 to August 31. The calendar comes in a digital PDF download so you have it instantly, and most activities include a clickable link so you can easily view instructions or photos.

Activities You’ll Enjoy

These activities are not only easy on your pocketbook, they will inspire your child’s creative side and allow you to enjoy time together. You’ll find things like story stones, exploding baggies, pine cone art, and plastic cup games to glowing volcanoes, pizza chicken, marshmallow shooters and rainforest dirt pudding. There is no shortage of ideas to keep your child’s mind engaged! You’ll enjoy watching their faces light up when they spend time with you—these moments as a family are the ones they’ll remember forever!

To make preparation for the activities easy, I’ve included a list of all the supplies or ingredients you will need to complete the daily activities or recipes on the Summer Survival Calendar. Organized by week and by day, you can refer to the list of supplies, checking off items as you gather them so you don’t get caught empty-handed when you are ready to play!

Don’t Just Survive—Thrive

Having these mind-inspiring and budget-friendly activities is the first step in making this a fun-filled summer, but we also need to ensure you have your time allocated properly to enjoy this family bonding time. With that in mind, I have developed the 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide. This optional action guide includes several thought-provoking worksheets to help you define your summer activities and goals and develop a plan of action, as well as organizational checklists. The tools I’ve included that will help you stay on top of your game this summer are:

  • Summer Goals worksheet
  • Ideas for Summer Fun checklist
  • 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever action guide
  • Quiet Time Activities worksheet
  • Important Summer Dates checklist
  • Standard Operating Procedures worksheet
  • Weekly Menu Planner/Grocery List
  • Summer Weekly Planner
  • Be Summer Organized checklist

These tools will help you not only survive summer, but thrive! The 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever action guide and worksheets are included as part of the Summer Survival Calendar bundle package.

There are three packages to choose from:

  1. 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List—$9
  2. 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List + 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide + audio workshop—$11
  3. MEGA BUNDLE: 2020 Summer Survival Calendar and Supply List + 2019-2018 Summer Survival Calendars + 10 Strategies for Your Best Summer Ever Action Guide + audio workshop—$16


If you’ve purchased the Summer Survival Calendar in the past, you’ll be excited to know that the activities change every year so you are receiving fresh, new content each summer. More than 90% of the activities and recipes are new.

This summer may look different for your family, but you can make it one the kids will cherish by making fun family memories!

Simple Steps to a New Rhythm


How are you doing? This new “normal” is quite strange, and if I am honest, my emotions have taken a big downward spiral on many occasions. Finding a rhythm for me and our new days at home has been critical.

We mamas really are the thermostat for our homes, so what can we do to help ourselves be the best version each and every day? I have been examining this for myself.

Yesterday I had a complete meltdown with homeschooling, not feeling valued in what I was doing, and I had not created the space for me to have some much needed self-care. Today, I chose differently and I wanted to share a few tips that I know are making a huge difference in my day.

It all starts the night before

If you have been doing this mom gig long, you know this is a common theme in many tips for having a great day. You truly must look at your day’s activities and the schedule the night before. I had forgotten this amazing habit. Now, after I have cleaned up dinner, I pull up the calendar for the next day. Since I am still running two businesses from home, I have a full calendar in the midst of homeschooling our ten-year-old too. So it’s critical I know what is happening so I can be prepared. If I have a 9 a.m. Zoom call, I will need to shift my morning tasks around, and it’s best to prepare everyone in the family the night before.

I also decide what will be for lunch and dinner for the following day. With us home now for both meals, having a plan in place is such a relief. If I need to prepare or take anything out from the freezer, I can easily do this with plenty of time. Having dinner all set is huge!! Do you weekly meal plan? Here are some tips to get you started and a free copy of my fun weekly meal plan printable.

Same time each morning

This one may not be what you want to hear, but it is proven to be true and so helpful. Getting up at the same time each morning helps your body find a rhythm that sets itself up for success. Set your intention the night before with what time you will start your day. For me, my perfect window for giving me some quiet time, exercise, and focus is 5:45 a.m. If I get up at that time, I am golden for feeling good and ready to go by 7:45, when I am needed to be ready with my game face on.

Set your intention

This is KEY!! Hear me now…when you decide the night before what time you will get up, you have a 99% higher chance of making that happen. I completely feel my subconscious senses that as well. How many times have  you decided a time to set your alarm and then you wake up two minutes prior to that alarm? It happens to me often!!! When my mind is set to proceed with a said action, I am better prepared and equipped in making it happen.

Good stuff in

What does your mind need to get started each morning in a positive way? We are all different, but I can tell you, it is NOT social media! I have made a conscious effort to NOT go to Facebook or Instagram until I have fed my mind with God’s word and filled it with truth for my day. I cannot tell you how I have booby-trapped myself when I roll out of bed and open Facebook. It’s a rabbit hole I do not want to start my day traversing.

Instead, I open my YouVersion bible app, read the verse for the day, and fall into one of the several reading plans I have chosen for myself. I also daily post a bible verse in the Confident Mom Facebook page to help you fill your mind with good stuff.

Build in rest

It may seem really backwards to say to “build in rest” since it seems that we all have less to do, but honestly, the emotional toll our bodies are carrying is taxing us. We need to be sure to have some downtime in our day. What does rest look like to you? To your kids? To your partner? Figure out what nourishes you and the members of your family. Is it reading books, doing a puzzle, taking a walk, sitting with a cup of tea, or watching a movie? Have that be part of your day for sure; you will be so relieved!

Look forward to FUN

As an enneagram one, fun is not really part of my vocabulary! I used to be way more fun, but something has shifted for me in the past ten years. However, with a ten-year-old in the house who desires fun, I need to up my game. Finding silly things to spend time on is important to him. Allowing him to see me laugh and be a goofball is one way I can lighten the mood, especially now that things are so different and so unsettling.

Today, we are headed out to create some big-time sidewalk chalk art with some friends. Not really what I desire, but I know that it will be fun for him and a great bonding experience too. So I challenge you, find some fun and scatter it through your days!

Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Spring Break Staycation


Are you planning a staycation for spring break this year?

Whether you are staying home over concerns of the coronavirus, self-quarantine, school being canceled for a longer period of time, or because it’s your tradition, The Confident Mom’s 2020 Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar has engaging boredom busters for kids and delightful activities to help you enjoy some family togetherness.

Spring break is a time for decompressing from the daily rigors of school and extracurricular activities. Travel not required! There’s plenty to enjoy right in your community or even your own backyard. The Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar helps you enjoy your time off with creative, kid-friendly activities and yummy recipes that will stimulate their senses, revive their passions and create new ones, and nurture family bonds.

It’s Completely Free—Really!

This is a FREE downloadable….eeeekk! I love being able to share and bless as many people as possible!

And even more great news…I’ve done all the work for you, making planning your spring break staycation as stress-free as possible!

When you download the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar, you’ll get a one-week calendar with fun and affordable activities or recipes each day from Sunday through Saturday. Start with whatever day fits your schedule, or rearrange the days or move an activity to a different day if needed—this is meant to be fun for your family, so don’t stress if you can’t do all the activities on the day they are assigned!

Some of the activities or recipes will require supplies, so you will want to plan ahead! I’ve made this easy for you by creating a supply list—use the list to check off what you already have and make one trip to the store or order online to get the rest. Having the items on hand ahead of time for the activities or recipes you want to do will make spring break much more enjoyable for you! All the supplies are budget friendly.

It’s Okay Not to Plan Out Every Minute of the Day

The calendar is meant to be flexible and used as a guide to create positive or learning moments in a structured, enjoyable manner. Not every minute of spring break has to be filled with activities; downtime is important to rejuvenate young bodies and minds. Many people will argue that children should have times of “boredom.” It is felt that boredom can help children get in touch with their creative side, learn motivation, and improve their well-being. With this in mind, feel free to skip an activity or even a day if that’s what your family needs.

Get the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar Now

Are you ready to get started planning your spring break staycation? Head on over to this page to download your free copy and get started right now!

If you enjoy the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar, then be sure to check out my Summer Survival Calendar! Using this same concept, I’ve scoured the Internet for fun, kid-friendly, and affordable activities and recipes to fill your entire summer, all the way from May 1-August 31!

Watch for the 2020 Summer Survival Calendar coming this April!

Get Organized in 2020


I know you’ve all been so excited to grab your free copy of the 2020 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. It’s ready and waiting for you to download right now!

Grab it and get organized for 2020…and don’t forget to grab the Supplement for additional organization that every busy mama needs!

Check out the 2020 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner and Supplement NOW!

Let me share with you the highlights!!

Additional Organization Available in the Supplement!

The 2020 Weekly Household Planner Supplement includes handy fill-in forms, enabling you to add your information directly into the form.

Just type your information, save, and print! This is a wonderful feature when you are adding lengthy information or important names and numbers! All this is available for only $8:

  • Master Family Planner. Keep track of the entire family’s activities on a daily/weekly basis all in one convenient place.
  • Appointment Calendar. Organized by week, use this new addition to keep track of appointments, meetings, and other events.
  • Special Occasion Calendar/Gift Planner. You’ll always be prepared for the next birthday or special occasion.
  • Holiday Gift Planner Worksheet. Keep track of your holiday shopping list and purchases and what still needs wrapped or delivered. Never forget that well-hidden gift again!
  • Babysitter Information Form. This form makes it easy to provide your sitter with all the information he or she needs so you can relax and enjoy your time away.
  • Quick Contacts. Helps you keep important emergency contacts available for easy reference when you need them in a hurry as well as frequently used numbers.
  • Family Emergency/Medical Information Form. Record your family’s medical and insurance information on this form—it will be easy to find and share with those that need it.
  • Website/App List for Kids. An easy way your kids can list the websites they want to visit, or apps or songs they want to buy. This gives you a chance to review first and make sure the content is age appropriate!
  • Website/App List for Me. A place to record websites you want to visit or apps you want to buy during your downtime.
  • Account Keeper Sheet. Keep track of online accounts, including usernames and passwords. Never get locked out of your account again!
  • Household Maintenance Log. Record when you did routine maintenance items, such as changing your furnace filter.
  • Special Occasion Reminder Chart. To help you plan card gifting for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
  • Gifts Received List. Record gifts received which also creates a log for thank-you cards you need to send.
  • Let’s Plan a Party Form. Keep track of party planning details such as guest list, menu, party favors, and activities.
  • Blessings For Your Home. Because everyone needs some daily inspiration.
  • Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping List. So you arrive at the store prepared and don’t over-purchase.
  • Track Donations. Make tax time easier when you write down all your donations on one form for the year.
  • Freezer/Pantry Inventory. Helps with meal planning and also saves you from purchasing something you already have on hand.
  • Multi-Store Shopping List. Get rid of all those little sticky notes and scraps of paper! List all your shopping list items for different stores on one organized form.
  • Monthly Bill Schedule. Never miss a payment again when you record your monthly bills and payments on this new form!
  • Bible Bookmarks. Use these monthly reading bookmarks with suggested reading each day of the month, enabling you to read the entire bible in a year.

Go grab your FREE copy now, and you can add the Supplement for only $8. Be sure to pin this page to Pinterest to pass around this FREE household planner so other moms can grab a copy!

5 Apps I Can’t Live Without


5 of my Best Apps for motherhood and parenting

Saving time, creating engagement, building relationships , making motherhood and parenting a bit easier – if an App can help me in those areas, I am all in!!

Let’s get ready to kick off the school year with some of my best recommendations for some Apps that will surely help you out – are you ready?

Calm App

I discovered this app almost nine months ago when I began to do some deep personal work on myself.  She suggested I use it for the meditation options, and I seriously rolled my eyes.  For me, meditation is just not part of my routine and I honestly feel it was a  complete waste of my time.  But I took her advice, downloaded the app and began using it.

I discovered the meditations to be very much needed and certainly NOT a waste of my time.  It was a perfect  way to  start my day or take a fifteen minute break in the middle of the day.

Even For the Kids

My nine year old also discovered he loved the bedtime stories and will ask to listen to them all the time!  His favorite time is while soaking in the bath (with some epsom salts added in for good measure!), which then allows me some extra “kid-free” time while he relaxes and listens in.

I truly hesitated at the end of my Free Trial to join and pay for a membership.  However, it has been so worth it.  I also use the app for the music, the stories and more while driving in the car. It’s a win/win for the entire family!

And, right now Calm is giving away the App for FREE to every teacher!  GO HERE to snag it if you’re a teacher, or forward the info to a teacher friend.

Also, if you are a health care practitioner, you can grab the App for FREE too – GO HERE!


How would you love to easily download an ebook or audio book from your library with one touch?  The Libby App does just that!

There are thousands of ebooks and audio books available through your local library, so why not take advantage of them?  The convenience of this App for searching and downloading books has been life changing for me.  I get a book recommendation and immediately will go to my Libby App to see if the local library  I am connected to has the book.

If it does, I can either immediately download it or place a hold for it.  After I read it, if it’s a book I know I must have in my hands, I can then choose to purchase it.  I have literally saved thousands of dollars by using our library system.  What a gift!

My nine year old uses the App as well, and we are currently listening to an audio book as we travel to our long-distance chiropractor appointments.  It’s time well spent.

Thrive Market

I’m an absolute freak when it comes to time saving tricks.  Having the Thrive Market App is one of those amazing time savers.  We order at least once a week from Thrive, because their prices are good, they carry a TON of amazing gluten-free, organic and healthy alternatives to foods we normally purchase and I so love the fact that it is all delivered to my door.

Seriously – you can save up to 50% on things you would normally buy, they offer freebies and I only order when there is a great freebie offered, so I just keep a list going and boom, order when it gives me the best goodie!  I also save my items so I can order $49 at a time, so I can get the FREE shipping offered too.

There is a yearly membership fee, but we save way more than what that costs, and Thrive Market gives back, which I really love.  You can try it out for FREE, and you can get 25% off your first order by clicking here.

Marco Polo

Do you like to stay in touch with friends and family?  Do you have friends and family that do not live close by?  I hope you have heard of Marco Polo!!  It’s a  video chat for busy  people  – and it’s amazing!

I  first began using it for communicating with my Young Living community, but soon  saw the amazing value in using it to keep in touch with my friends and other family.

If you have little ones and perhaps family members who live out of  the area, you must get this!  It’s kinda like FaceTime without having to be live on the phone at the same time.  I love it for connecting and sharing ideas that take too long to type out.  And, let’s be honest, there are times when we really need to share our expression with a sentiment that texting or email just cannot do.

Go get it today!!


I saved the best App for last.  God’s word at your fingertips – it’s simply the best ever and it’s Free!  This Bible App is simply amazing.  It’s a bible, with a gazillion translations, it has a million devotional plans and you can invite others to do a plan along with you.

They also have a Bible App for kids, designed specifically to engage children with Bible stories on an age-appropriate level.  Isn’t that the best!!  I have enjoyed allowing my nine year old to use it through the years.

Bible Lens is also another offering they have where you can transform your own photos into images to share on social media.  Download it and try it out – how fun would it be to use social media for a good cause, like spreading the Gospel?

So, tell me – do you have already use these Apps?  Do you have another one you’d add to the list?  I would love to hear about it.