Coaching with Susan

Focusing on YOU

Most of us never acquired the skills necessary to take on this noble task, but you can explore principles of positive parenting and home management and apply them to your specific family life, creating healthy, lasting relationships with the most important people in your life.

I offer a variety of services to meet the needs of your family—all from the comfort of your home. No sitters and no fighting traffic!

Individual COACHING

How do you know if coaching is the right option for you?

Think about how much energy, time, and motivation you have to implement changes right now. This will determine the best solution for you.

I offer personalized individual support for moms to overcome the challenges you are currently facing in your home. All coaching is done on a live video platform.

Together we will rediscover the mom you so want to be and I know you are.

  • Get clear on what is really important and act on it.
  • Solve problems and find solutions.
  • Stay focused and motivated—consistently taking action.
  • Receive positive encouragement and support.

You will gain new parenting strategies and tools specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your family, giving you a renewed confidence as a mom.

Private individual coaching is the fastest road to change since it is totally customized to addressing your specific needs.

The Confident Mom Susan The Professional

Do you want to end the doubt, chaos, frustration, or guilt?

Do you feel your household is running you, rather than you running your home?

Are you, your child, and your family struggling because of unhealthy behavior between you and your child?

Do you feel stuck in the same old patterns?

I help overwhelmed moms gain confidence managing their home, parenting their children, and caring for their needs.

Motherhood is one of the most honorable and challenging adventures of your life.
The Confident Mom Work With Me


I offer three different ways for you to get the support you need. So whether you just need a one-time session for some quick help, or you are looking for support over a longer time period to keep you on a specific path, I am here to help you gain the confidence you seek. I can only accept a few individual coaching clients at a time, since partnering with you is important to me. If you are interested in a customized approach, please email me.


This package is for moms who truly desire to make some REAL changes. Together we will discover what is working, identify the struggles, and find effective solutions. You will learn how to gain greater cooperation, develop more effective communication, and experience more joy in parenting. You will become the parent you want to be!

  • Weekly 60-minute sessions for 3 or 6 months.
  • Unlimited email or Marco Polo support throughout the process.
  • Resources, referrals, and recommendations specifically tailored for your family.

Cost: $1,700 for three months or $3,200 for six months


Looking for some help but unable to commit to a certain time? Looking for someone to walk alongside you for a period of time in your journey as a mom? Then this is for you.

  • One-time, 90-minute session to get clear on your struggles and goals.
  • Unlimited support via email or Marco Polo; coaching whenever you need it, without adding anything to your calendar.
  • Monthly 30-minute check-in to celebrate and set new goals.

Cost: First month $270, monthly renewal $150


This is for the mom who needs some quick help in the moment. Perhaps you are just feeling unsure of the direction of how to parent your high-energy child, you are struggling with an aspect of managing your home, or need some ideas to find time for self-care.

This targeted call will help you gain a fresh perspective on your struggle and equip you with tools and strategies to move forward.

  • One-time, 45-minute session.

Cost: $75 for one session

After purchase, I will email you within 24 hours with a list of available openings.