2022 Weekly
Household Planner

A Free Customizable Planner With Optional Supplement for Ultimate Organization

I know just where you’re coming from. I’m a mom who struggles to keep a smooth running household too. Not only that, I talk to moms every single day about their struggles managing their households and being the parent they want to be.

I saw the need in my own household for a daily or weekly household task organizer. I’ve tried some out, but they just didn’t cover everything I wanted or were not compatible with my needs and household. So based upon my own needs and the needs of the many moms I’ve coached over the years, I have developed my own weekly household planner that I believe makes your job easier managing your home. And the best part is it’s absolutely FREE!

The Confident Mom’s FREE 2022 Weekly Household Planner will keep busy moms from all walks of life motivated and on track with all their to-do items day after day, week after week, all year long. I want everyone to experience the peace of mind this planner will bring to their daily lives.

Digitally customize your Weekly Household Planner—plus receive TWO versions (both for free)! The “blank” version allows you to digitally add whatever daily tasks fit your household. The “suggested tasks” version (or as I like to call it, the “just tell me what to do” version!) has daily tasks already filled in for you, but you can still add, delete, and edit any of the tasks. It’s the best of both worlds.

This weekly planner breaks down household tasks into manageable daily and weekly bite size pieces, utilizing smaller increments of time to keep the tasks from becoming too large and overwhelming. Most of the items can be easily completed in 3 to 30 minutes, and you can select appropriate items to delegate to family members (after all, even with the household planner, you still can’t be “super mom”).

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Are you tired of always being behind in your housework? Can’t seem to stay organized and keep up with everyday tasks? Do you find it hard to enjoy time with your kids because you’re stressed and crunched for time? When was the last time you spent time on yourself?

Then download the FREE Weekly Household Planner today.

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Optional supplement to further organize your household
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If you need help keeping track of schedules and information in your home, you’ll want to be sure to check this out. It complements the Weekly Household Planner and gives you a full family household binder. ALL the worksheets include digital fill-in forms making it easier for you to add all your information!

The optional Weekly Household Planner Supplement includes these worksheets:

  • Master Family Planner
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Special Occasion Calendar/Gift Planner
  • Holiday Gift Planner Worksheet
  • Babysitter Information Form
  • Quick Contacts
  • Family Emergency/Medical Information Form
  • Website/App List for Kids
  • Website/App List for Me
  • Account Keeper Sheet
  • Household Maintenance Log
  • Special Occasion Reminder
  • Gifts Received List
  • Let’s Plan a Party Form
  • Blessings For Your Home
  • Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping
  • Monthly Bill Schedule
  • Track Donations
  • Freezer/Pantry Inventory
  • Multi-Store Shopping List
  • Bible Bookmarks

You get all of this, customizable with your own information, for only $10! That’s a steal at only 48 cents per worksheet!

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Get both the free planner and the Weekly Household planner supplement kit

The 2022 Weekly Household Planner Supplement includes handy fill-in forms, enabling you to add your information directly into the form. Just type your information, save, and print!

Purchase only the supplement kit

I have the free planner already and want to get even more organized!

Simple and Easy To Use

When used daily, the Weekly Household Planner will help you accomplish more in less time, resulting in a smooth-running, stress-free household!

Each week is on one page, and each day of that week is listed out with specific items to complete or fill in. Add your own specific to-do items or jot down notes you need to remember that week. Simply check off items as you complete them—there is no better feeling than checking items off as done!

Fun and Inspirational

A fun and sometimes inspiring quote is included each week to remind us to cherish our loved ones and find humor in our everyday life.

The optional Weekly Household Planner Supplement includes several valuable organization tools to keep you ahead of the game—you’ll be able to find important information quickly, keep track of everyone’s schedules, plan meals, be prepared for special occasions, and more!

Daily and Weekly Tasks

No stone is left unturned in the “suggested tasks” version of the household planner—it has a variety of tasks staggered at appropriate intervals and includes everything from meal planning to items often forgotten such as checking your credit report to school shopping. Taking care of yourself should also be a priority, so there’s even “you” time on the list! You’ll be able to efficiently keep up with the tasks that can often be forgotten and feel prepared each morning with a realistic “to-do” list.

Don’t like having suggested tasks already filled out for you? Then use the “blank” version to create your own completely customized list.

Remember to Delegate

This planner will keep you focused and more productive, and when you delegate appropriate items to your children and spouse, they will find it easy to remember when it’s listed as a task on this planner. Kids especially like the sense of accomplishment they feel when they check their tasks off the list. (Okay, who am I kidding, we ALL love that part!)


Plan for upcoming month’s birthdays/special occasions with timely reminders so you get cards in the mail and gifts purchased with time to spare.

When was the last time you spent time on yourself?
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The Confident Mom 2022 Weekly Household Planner and Weekly Household Planner Supplement are customizable electronic files in PDF format. You will have access to your purchase immediately! Just download, customize if you wish, print, and get started!

You must print or save the file within SEVEN days of checkout.

Please remove pop-up blockers because they may interfere with the download process.

If you don’t already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, download it free from Adobe.com. Just open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader, customize if needed, save, and print either the entire planner or print one week at a time.

If you have a tablet, you can use the Weekly Household Planner “paperless” with any app that allows you to “write” on a PDF; for example, Notability.

On the Kindle, you can download “Note Everything” for free and use it too!


  • Print all 52 weeks and take them to an office supply store such as Staples and have them spiral bind it (costs approximately $4).
  • Print all 52 weeks and use a three-hole punch and place in a binder.
  • Print each week as you go and clip to the refrigerator or other central location.


  • Are you looking for some accountability? A mom in our community has created a Facebook group for those using the The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner to help you stay focused and on task with the to-do list.
  • Feel free to join today and share your ideas and motivation for staying on track. JOIN HERE.
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