Finding Hope in Your Desert Season Workshop

Embracing your season and cultivating hope to move forward

We all experience seasons of struggle, defeat, and exhaustion, some more difficult than others. It is part of our journey through life, yet we can easily become overwhelmed with a feeling of complete hopelessness if we do not take steps to keep our mind renewed.

I have found in my journey as a mom, these seasons can be harsh and change abruptly, and if I am not careful, they can easily overtake my mind and leaving me feeling hopeless and alone.

As someone who has struggled with clinical depression, anxiety, and emotional health for over 25 years, I can relate to many who are determined to find hope, even when the body is choosing a different path.

I’ve had a path of single motherhood, blending a family through marriage, navigating the foster care system to become an adoptive mom, and made several dramatic moves that easily tossed my emotions into overload.

However, even through a season of extreme loneliness and parenting a very difficult child with trauma background, I chose to examine my situation and make some shifts so I could keep hope on my side.

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Finding hope in your desert season
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If you have found yourself in that place, feeling exhausted, hopeless, and alone, Finding Hope in Your Desert Season Workshop may very well be the thing your weary soul needs, right now. It will be the salve to your weary soul. If I could reach across the screen and give you a big hug, know I would do that too.

If you are looking for someone who has been there, that’s me.

If you need some real steps to begin to put into action, I share what I did.

If you are desiring to shift your mindset and think in a positive way, I know you will find steps to do just that.

I recorded this video session just as I was coming out of a very hard and dark season. I believe that my hard season is meant to give others hope and more than anything, glorify the God who gives HOPE abundantly.

In the video I share my own desert season and tips on how I pushed ahead even when I felt alone and simply overwhelmed in my role as a mother, wife, business owner, and friend.

In addition to access to this 40-minute video, I’ve also included a downloadable Action Guide to help you take action to step out of this season of hard and into a season where you feel more empowered and encouraged.


You will be provided with a link and a special access code to view the video workshop, which is approximately 40 minutes in length.

You can watch the video as many times as you like, and you do not need to download a large video file. As long as you can view videos on YouTube, you will be able to view this video.

Electronic Format, INSTANT ACCESS

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Download the pdf file to your computer, then open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and view and/or print the pages you want.

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When taking notes, consider using different colored pens for each section.



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