Ready For Stress-Less Homemaking?


Yesterday, I introduced you to the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, but there’s one thing I haven’t told you about yet… Did you know it comes with bonuses? Lots of them? Hooray! :) Not only do the bonuses make it even easier to take care of your home, your family, and yourself... but also? They’re just really fun to redeem and receive. And who doesn’t need a little boost right now? AMAZING RESOURCES In addition to the 51 amazing resources in … {Read More...}

5 Simple Ways to Connect as a Family


Summer is here...we are busting down the door to sunshine and sprinklers, right??!! However, this spring has left me a bit "disconnected" even when I have been so "connected" to my family. Can you relate? We've been in close quarters for weeks, and honestly, it's been getting on my nerves!! So I decided to be a bit more creative on finding things that can break up the monotony. As with anything, changing things up is a good thing. I hope … {Read More...}

Stop Boredom Blues With The 2020 Summer Survival Calendar


Four Months of Summer Fun With Over 120 Kid Friendly Activities and Recipes It's been a strange spring for sure with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping kids and families home for the last several weeks. And while kids may have kept busy with some schoolwork and online activities, by now they are getting a little stir crazy—and quite possibly making you a little crazy too! It's okay, dear mama, you are doing the best you can. These are … {Read More...}

Simple Steps to a New Rhythm


How are you doing? This new "normal" is quite strange, and if I am honest, my emotions have taken a big downward spiral on many occasions. Finding a rhythm for me and our new days at home has been critical. We mamas really are the thermostat for our homes, so what can we do to help ourselves be the best version each and every day? I have been examining this for myself. Yesterday I had a complete meltdown with homeschooling, not feeling … {Read More...}

The Lord Is My Refuge


In the past few weeks, my heart has been aware of those of us who need to be reminded of how present God is. Yes, even in the midst of things that seem almost unreal. As we learn to navigate this season, with "unplanned homeschooling," "social distancing," and "families in close quarters," it can become almost too much to bear. It is a time to be drawing near to the Lord, instead of drawing near to the news media. All they do is share some … {Read More...}