5 Blogs on Motherhood Which Inspire Me

5 blogs on motherhood

If you're a mom looking for inspiration, encouragement, real life tips and more - be sure to add these blogs on motherhood to your must-follow list. Over the course of my years as a mom and a blogger, I have followed a few inspiring and helpful blogs to encourage my journey.  We al need help in different seasons and it's so nice to have a wealth of information to choose from. This is a short list, certainly not exhaustive. If you are … {Read More...}

Dinner Ideas for Busy Moms


What's for dinner?  Most of us moms really hate that question - that is, unless you have a menu plan and some new dinner ideas handy!  Am I right? I have got you covered! I recently revised my "Got Dinner - Quick & Easy Recipes from the Confident Mom" ebook with great updates you will love.  It features many new recipes using whole food ingredients, fresh vegetables, and gluten-free alternatives.  This fits in … {Read More...}

10 Gluten Free Apple Recipes for Fall

10 gluten free apple recipes for fall

The weather is getting cooler, and the trees are getting heavy with amazing apples just ready for picking! We live in Washington, also known as the apple state!  We have orchards that stretch miles and they are gorgeous.  We also grab a huge box of apples in the beginning of October as part of a fundraiser our friends are involved in, so having some yummy apple recipes is a must. Apple … {Read More...}

Five Back to School Tips & Tricks

5 back to school tips and tricks

We just started back to school on Tuesday - much later than many of you.  Our family ended summer with a nice beach fire and it was delightful! The transition to the school year can be hard, but I have found several tips and tricks that help our family get back into the groove with less stress, anxiety and losing our patience!   I cover many awesome tips in my Back 2 School Survival Guide - a wonderful resource with topics every … {Read More...}

Dinner Made Easy with Green Chef

Green Chef - dinner made easy

I am over here all excited about making dinner - yes, that is really true!!   I know as a busy mom you are like I am - getting really burned out on the standard dinner fare and meal planning every single week.  I have used different methods over the years, all great and have their season, but I was ready for a new dinner plan. I decided to try a meal delivery service since my season of life living in a remote area with grocery … {Read More...}

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