Five Back to School Tips & Tricks

5 back to school tips and tricks

We just started back to school on Tuesday - much later than many of you.  Our family ended summer with a nice beach fire and it was delightful!The transition to the school year can be hard, but I have found several tips and tricks that help our family get back into the groove with less stress, anxiety and losing our patience!  I cover many awesome tips in my Back 2 School Survival Guide - a wonderful resource with topics every … {Read More...}

Dinner Made Easy with Green Chef

Green Chef - dinner made easy

I am over here all excited about making dinner - yes, that is really true!!  I know as a busy mom you are like I am - getting really burned out on the standard dinner fare and meal planning every single week.  I have used different methods over the years, all great and have their season, but I was ready for a new dinner plan.I decided to try a meal delivery service since my season of life living in a remote area with grocery … {Read More...}

7 Money Saving Hacks for the Minimalist Want To Be

Money Saving Hacks for Minimalists

For the past year, our family has been on a journey to "less" - now commonly known as minimalism.  It has been amazing and I would encourage you to look at how you can shift your lifestyle as well.  One area I get asked about often is how we are living on less and saving more.  Here are just a few quick hacks I have for you in the area of saving money when living with less. Use Amazon to it's Fullest Since moving to a more … {Read More...}

7 Things Confident Moms Do Everyday


First things first, just because this blog is called, "The Confident Mom," does not mean I am a Confident Mom or the expert.   However, over my 24 years of mothering I do feel I have learned some great lessons that will help me succeed in being the best version of myself each and every day.Does it mean I am perfect - NO!Does it mean I have it all together - NO!But it does mean that I have some ideas and beliefs about myself which … {Read More...}

5 Lessons from Small Space Living

5 lessons from small space living

In September of last year we moved from a 3400 square foot home to a 500 square foot carriage house, thrusting us into small space living. This was an "eventual" plan of ours, to move to our vacation property full-time, but we put things into fast forward last summer and ditched city living for a slower pace.It has been a huge season of change, building new relationships, finding a new church, learning to truly enjoy a slow pace, but most … {Read More...}

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