Five Simple Instant Pot Dinners Perfect for the Fall

Simple Instant Pot Dinners for Fall

Who needs some new ideas for dinner this week? Easy Fall Instant Pot Dinner Ideas just for you! I am in love with my Instant Pot and it calls to me nearly every single day to be used now that the weather has turned chilly.I have gathered a few of my favorite dinner recipes so you can easily put a healthy dinner on the table for your family and still have time left over to even sit and read a book! INSTANT POT CREAMY BUTTERNUT SQUASH + … {Read More...}

Instant Pot Sunday Pot Roast Dinner


Hey lovely friendsIs it Instant Pot Time? I think yes!!Who loves their instant pot?!!!  Wait... you don't have one?  Oh my, I will let you in on a secret.  Even this somewhat-minimalist mama needs this kitchen tool.  It's a secret weapon on getting food cooked and on your table in minutes - for real!  This is the Instant Pot I have and it is one of my top used appliances in my kitchen. Best Instant Pot CookbookSo, now back to cooking … {Read More...}

5 Tips to Make Back To School Easier

back to school tips

If you've already headed back to school, you can likely disregard this post until next year!  However, our family is still a week out from our start date, and I am sure there are a few others who still have kiddos at home, so I wanted to share some of my yearly tips that keep me sane. Back to School Tips Shifting from a busy and non-structured routine of summer days is a little tricky, but with some planning, you can make things a bit … {Read More...}

My Best Parenting Tip


The other day my friend was struggling with parenting her two-year-old. She felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and at a loss on how to parent her child who was pushing all the limits.Can you relate?We chatted for awhile and I thought back to one thing I could share with her that would help her feel more confident in her parenting ability. I've raised two adult children, am in the process of launching a 17-year-old out into the world, and now in … {Read More...}

Simple DIY Summer Perfume Recipes

DIY Summer Perfum Recipes

Did you know perfume can be detrimental to your health?The term "fragrance" on labels can be a combination of over 300 harmful chemicals that the company doesn't have to disclose. This is often why people get headaches when they smell synthetic perfume.  I ditched my perfume years ago for safe, all-natural essential oil perfume that I know will only benefit my body and not harm it.It is better to play it safe and create your own perfume … {Read More...}

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