My Books of 2019


Ahhhh, a new year. I really love this time of year...I love the fresh start, planning, goal setting, the possibilities. I dream a little bigger, work a little smarter, and focus a little sharper. It's a time of renewal for me in so many aspects of my life. I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from books. What can be better than a few moments of quiet time curled up with a book, taking in some positivity and encouragement to fuel your … {Read More...}

Get Organized in 2020

2019 Weekly Household Confident Mom Planner

I know you’ve all been so excited to grab your free copy of the 2020 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. It’s ready and waiting for you to download right now! Grab it and get organized for 2020...and don't forget to grab the Supplement for additional organization that every busy mama needs! Check out the 2020 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner and Supplement NOW! Let me share with you the highlights!! Additional … {Read More...}

Four Powerful Essential Oils

Four Powerful Essential Oils

Are you aware how powerful essential oils are for our emotional wellbeing?   As a mom who struggled with depression for over 16 years, I've learned a lot about how essential oils can be used to during my emotional ups and downs.  I have managed to live a healthy lifestyle free from the anti-depressant drugs which I was bound to for over 16 years, with amazing results. Finding Hope With the help of my doctors guidance and a weaning processes … {Read More...}

My FIVE Favorite Things Right Now


I am super excited to hop in before the weekend to share my FIVE Favorite things (right now).   These are making my life a little more sweet these days! Intermitten Fasting I was inspired to check out Intermittent Fasting when a friend of mine jumped in.  Now hear me on this, I had heard of this before and had determined I could NEVER do black coffee.  I liked my coffee with almond milk just fine.  Over the years I have cut back from the … {Read More...}

5 Apps I Can’t Live Without


Saving time, creating engagement, building relationships , making motherhood and parenting a bit easier - if an App can help me in those areas, I am all in!! Let's get ready to kick off the school year with some of my best recommendations for some Apps that will surely help you out - are you ready? Calm App I discovered this app almost nine months ago when I began to do some deep personal work on myself.  She suggested I use it for the … {Read More...}