Family Manager® Makeover


Get back on track with home management! Helping you manage your home!Helping you manage your home efficiently!

No matter how many other jobs you have, being “mom” is the most important job in the world –
and it’s worth every bit of time, money, and energy to learn to do our job better, more efficiently,
and to create a home where our family can thrive rather than just survive.

When your home is in a state of chaos, life can feel like it is crumbling all around you.
There is a better way! Ready to re-energize your role as your family’s Manager?

You will access the exclusive Family Manager® Online Self-Assessment where you rank your stress levels in the 7 areas of your home management; as well as clarify your hope and desire for a new reality in your home.  As a result of this process, you will receive a personalized Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan that reflects your priorities, your values, your desires, your stress hot spots and areas you would like to change.

As a result, my family is experiencing much less routine chaos, and we have been surprised by unexpected spontaneous fun time.The DIY Family Manager Assessment and personalized coaching from Susan changed my attitude towards my “real job.” I had been focusing my energy and quality attention on my workplace and my family got the leftovers. The provocative questions in the assessment encouraged me to apply the strategic thinking I use in my work to our home life. As a result, my family is experiencing much less routine chaos, and we have been surprised by unexpected spontaneous fun time. The customized suggestions in our Family Makeover Action Plan were simple enough to be realistic. A little proactive planning, a command center, delegation, clutter busting, and creative family brainstorming has fostered an environment of teamwork and shared responsibility. I am so glad I had this chance to re-prioritize and maximize time to nurture my family. Thank you!
~Kara Briseno, mom of two
Family Manager Makeover

The Do-It-Yourself Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan allows you to:

Take Action with the Family Manager Parenting Plan


  • Get organized with a workable plan and reduce clutter for a more peaceful home
  • Create a framework for ordering your days
  • Plan meals and grocery shopping to save time, money and stress
  • Stop money “leaks” in your budget, so you can live more efficiently
  • Reclaim hours in your day to do things you want to do
  • Plan birthdays, events and holidays with greater confidence and success
  • Find time for yourself to experience more balance, well-being and fun
  • Create a family team spirit to promote healthy, happy relationships

I offer the Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan in a way that is easy on the budget and allows you to work independently – yet get support and direction at the critical beginning stage!

Your personalized Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan will provide you with stress-relieving strategies and realistic solutions for creating a smoothly running, happy home.

This custom plan consists of over 40 helpful pages unique to your answers!  Are you ready to establish your own system and bring order back into your home?

  • Access to the exclusive Family Manager® online self-assessment
  • A customized Family Manager® Makeover Action Plan based on your unique values and priorities
  • Initial email consult to review your assessment
  • Kick-start email assignments and resources to ensure your success
  • Unlimited email support for one month from the time you receive your Action Plan
  • A 3-month subscription to Family Manager Inner Circle electronic newsletter
  • A FREE copy of my recipe eBook “Got Dinner – Quick & Easy Recipes from The Confident Mom





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