Pondering Prayer


Prayer…..it is important.  It creates the close relationship with the Heavenly Father.

The Bible instructs in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to ‘pray without ceasing.’ If God wants us to continually pray it must be important.  I think we know deep down how important, but it is easy to get caught up in the daily duties and push that relationship to the side.

Having a healthy prayer life can be the most satisfying aspect of a your life. Pray is not one-sided, it is not only for God, but is beneficial for us as well.  I know when I am experiencing time in conversation with God, things just seem, ‘right’ with me.

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Praying for Your Children


I will be the first to admit that I am not fulfilling my duty to pray for my children like I know I should.  So do not take this post as one to make you feel any guilt if you fall into the same category.  What this post is meant to do is really to ignite a spark on the importance your role is as a prayer warrior for your children.

Your prayers do matter and have mighty power in God’s eyes.

Praying for Your Children’s Salvation

Their salvation is so great a prize that it is worth all the pains which your prayer to secure it for them may cost you.

Begin with a decision to take the time to pray for your children.

This sounds simple, but it takes follow-through and commitment. When it comes to prayer, there is no substitute for time, and writing a well-crafted prayer for each child takes extra effort. But you will find that it’s well worth it.  Try keeping a small journal just for prayers regarding your children, or write them out on 3 X5 cards and keep them together in a file box.  You can write on the opposite side of the card when/how prayers are answered.

Few will pray for them if you do not.

Though we are commanded to intercede for all men (1 Tim. 2:1), few engage in this duty as they should. When it is done, those who are prayed for are often those who are considered important in the Church’s or the world’s estimation.  I know your children are important to you, so don’t let a busy schedule and seemingly ‘no time’ lead to a lack of follow through.

No one else can pray for them as you do.

The genuine love you have for your children, the tenderness you feel for them and your knowledge of their make-up, needs and problems, qualify you to plead with God on their behalf with an urgency and earnestness which can take no refusal. When God wants to convince us of his willingness to hear prayer, he bases his argument on his parental love:

Do not consider only your children’s salvation but pray also for your children’s welfare.

You may then expect, as a result of your prayers, that the power of God will counteract in some measure the evil you have done them.

There will be critical periods in their lives when without your incessant prayers, offered with reference to such times, they may be left to act most unwisely if not disastrously.

Pray for them in the momentous decisions concerning matters such as their future career and possible marriage. Do not put off praying over these because they might be in the distant future. Consider, you may not be alive when they face these decisions.  I love hearing about parents who have been praying for years for the future spouse of their child, I want to be one of those!

Additional resources: Bob Hostetler’s website which covers, 31 Ways to Pray for Your Children.

While They Are Sleeping: 12 Character Traits to Pray for the Children You Love by Ann Arkins, Gary Harrell and Barbara Rainey

Write down your children’s names and write one thing you can pray daily for them. 

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Trying to fill all Roles…. Well


“Don’t take the short view.  Women tend to do that and feel despair over not being where they want to be.  Be active instead of passively waiting for life to change.  By ‘active’ I mean pursue God, pursue love, and pursue excellence.  Figure out how God can use you now.”Rebecca Price, “What Women Want”

Juggling the demands of our busy life can be exhausting and rightly so.  Today women have more choices available to them than ever before. As moms the choices and demands are crowding out the true basic calling we are given for our lives.

Do you find yourself stressed out?

How about with an overloaded to-do list

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Learning To Say No – Jill Savage


“So how do you do it?” she asked. “Do what?” I replied. “How do you say NO?” she questioned. “I just say no,” I answered. “No, I don’t mean like that. Do you say no and offer an excuse or do you just say no? I feel so guilty when I say no.” Thus began a recent conversation with a mom who called and asked how we keep our balance between volunteer activities and family responsibilities.

As mothers at home it is not work and family we need to keep in balance. For many of us it is balancing volunteer positions (church, community, and school) with our family responsibilities. Some of us figure a home business or part-time job into our schedule, too. We can easily put ourselves back in the position of working full-time outside-the-home hours without bringing home the pay. We must learn the “N” word and how to use it effectively. [Read more…]