Happy Mother’s Day to an Awesome MOM!


Mother's Day-

I pray today that you will find the space to enjoy your day – to take in completely the wonder of motherhood.  With all the challenges, growth, frustrations, joy and miracles – it is a pretty amazing journey.

I will be enjoying a day with all my kids home, especially my daughter who just got home from college.  It is funny, this season of motherhood I am in, with a 4 year old and a spread to one as old as 21 and living away from home most of the year.  I truly cherish having my kids all home under one roof.

We are celebrating with some burgers, going to a Seattle Mariner’s Baseball Game (I love baseball!!) and likely playing a game of some sorts before bed.  It is the simple things!

May your day be blessed.

For those who struggle with Mother’s Day celebrating, please know I am praying for you.  It can be a hard day of experiencing loss in the past – I have lost my mom so can truly understand the feelings that surface.   May you find peace in Him today.



By Lori Byerly

Traditions bring us together and remind us of what has value to us.  They remind us of who we are and who we belong to.  They remind us of what we believe.  They write deeply in our hearts and can make a significant mark in our marriage and family.

Take stock of your current traditions.

My husband lives to go to a candlelight service.  It is not Christmas without one.  For my daughter it is the advent candles.  My son – well, I think he just likes it all.  I look forward to decorating the tree.  We all look forward to Christmas music the minute the Thanksgiving turkey settles in our tummies.

If the holidays get hectic, we simplify and make time for the few things that really matter to us. [Read more…]

5 Family Traditions to Start Today


The holiday season tends to be a time when we carry on some family traditions and perhaps take the time to create some new ones.  But you don’t have to wait for the holidays to mark special times together as a family – begin creating some unique memories everyday.  I am guest posting over at Frugal Living NW on 5 Family Traditions to Start Today.  Maybe you can pick up an idea and put it into action this weekend!

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Don’t Stress Out Your Relationship Over the Holidays


By Natalie Chandler, MA, LMHC, LCAC

Unfortunately, for so many people, just hearing the words “Christmas” or “Holidays” produces stress and anxiety.  It is definitely the busiest time of year, filled with things that can create anxiety and stress. There is so much to focus on.

For a moment, let’s focus on relationships. When January rolls around do you wake up and see the man next to you (your husband) and say, “Who are you and where did you come from?” If so, you might be neglecting your relationship during the Holidays. It’s easy to do with so many obligations, commitments, and fun things to do.

Here are  a few helpful tips/reminders of how to keep up your relationship in the midst of the potential chaos:

1. Keep limits on your activities. It’s easy to feel like we have to do EVERYTHING! There are so many fun things that we want to do and many events that we are obligated to attend. However, it’s important when filling the calendar to decide as a couple or family how you want to chose to spend your time. I would encourage you to put it into 3 categories: [Read more…]