Promoting Independence with Money


My belief is that children should receive “pocket-money” or “allowance”  as their small share of the family-wealth just as they should share the workload at home. This is not to say that the family income is divided equally between all members. Rather, children are given a realistic sum of money, given their age, needs and ability to deal with money.  We talked about that concept last week with allowance, age and expectations.

It makes sense to provide guidelines about spending including letting them know just what they are expected to buy.

Pocket-money can teach children a great deal about goal-setting. By encouraging children to save for a big ticket item such as a bike or skateboard children learn a great deal about planning and looking ahead, the value of budgeting and experience personal satisfaction of reaching a goal.

Listen in as I share some stories and concepts that I feel are critical to developing good management skills for adult life.

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What methods have you used to teach money management in your home?

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Our Adption Story – Jill Savage


Our family in 2003, right after we adopted Kolya. From left to right in back: Erica (12), Anne (18), Jill, Mark, Evan (16). From left to right in front: Austin (7), Kolya (9) (ages at time of our adoption).

With it being National Adoption month, I thought it was perfect to share this story with you – re-posted with permission from Jill Savage. As you may know, our family waits for placement of a child that God has chosen to come to our family for a FOREVER home through Foster Care – it is hard to wait, but these types of stories help me be patient and wait on God’s plan.  🙂

Our Adoption Story

Over the years, Mark and I have talked on occasion about becoming foster parents. As the parents of four biological children ranging in ages 6-18, we’ve enjoyed parenting and have a heart for raising children according to God’s truths. On occasion we wondered what it might be like to extend that passion beyond our biological family, however we had never considered adoption as a way of doing that. [Read more…]

30 Day Giving Challenge


Do you have a heart for giving?

Do you want your giving to make a bigger impact this holiday season?

Would you like to set an example for your children that is more than your words?

Would you like to be part of a larger giving effort to make a BIG difference?

I am excited to share with you all the I am participating in The 30 Day Giving Challenge for 2010. What is The 30 Day Giving Challenge you ask? [Read more…]

The 5 Biggest Mistakes in “Getting Organized” – Nikki Kinzer


“Getting Organized” can add many benefits to your life.  You are trading disorder and chaos for freedom!  Freedom to enjoy what is most important to you.   However, in my experience, I have seen mistakes made in the process that can actually hinder how successful your “Getting Organized” journey can be.

Here are the 5 Biggest Mistakes in “Getting Organized”:

1) Buying Organizing Product First – People see the sale, they read an article, they get inspired and they buy organizing product.  Don’t get me wrong, I love organizing products too, however if this is the first step you choose to do in your process, you will waste time and money!  First, you must go through your things and know what you are keeping.  Only then do you really know what you need.  Measure your space and really think about the function of the organizing product.  Buying product is one of the last steps in getting organized. [Read more…]

Priority Management – A Value of Order


This article originally posted on Simple Marriage, May 20, 2010

I am preparing to teach on Priority Management this weekend to a group of ladies attending a small retreat to rediscover how to apply Biblical principles to everyday living.  This is a ministry I have become involved in and know this kind of mentoring/teaching is needed to restore the dignity of the home.  It is a refreshing view of using biblical principles in your home and daily life originally taught by Devi Titus & Marilyn Weiher using the book The Home Experience. This post contains information from their book and DVD teaching.

I recently did a survey among the moms that get my newsletters and updates and they told me their number one struggle right now is “improving my time management and running my home more smoothly.”  This was chosen over finding time for self-care, the need to create routines and ending the morning madness and getting my kids to listen the first time.  I was a little shocked. I would have thought the trouble with kids listening would have come out on top, but it didn’t.

[Read more…]