Successful Homework Strategies


As we begin a new school year, I typically get a lot of questions on how to handle homework.  You cannot avoid it – if you are a parent you will be involved in homework with your child at some level.  The biggest thing I reiterate to parents when I work with them is, your child’s homework is just that – your child’s homework.

If you are not careful you can be manipulated into taking a larger portion of the ownership of that homework than is good for you and most importantly in the best interest of your child.  You can certainly be involved without talking complete control over it and I totally recommend being available to help your child make corrections and ask questions, but doing your child’s homework for them certainly defeats the purpose of homework.

Take it from a mom who is now sending one off to college, I am hoping to see that what I did as a parent truly set her up for success.  That is our desire as parents, to give our children the skills and motivation they will need when they no longer are within the safety of the four walls we call home. [Read more…]

Stalled Out?


“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”       -Chinese proverb

Why do we always want everything RIGHT NOW?

Changing of any kind takes time.

You have probably heard that it generally takes at least 21 days to create a new habit.  That is exactly what you are doing when you are trying to ‘stop’ something.  (I heard that from Dr. Phil and thought that was pretty darn true and a clever saying, so I guess I stole it from him!…….oh and by the way, I do not make it a habit to watch Dr. Phil, I just happen to catch him on Good Morning America one day!) [Read more…]

Overcoming the Short Order Cook Dilemma


Recently in my ScreamFree Online Coaching series one mom expressed her frustration with having to provide three different meals for her family each evening – one for her and her hubby, one for child 1 and one for child 2.  Then inevitably one child would decide that the additional meal was not what he wanted.

She was at her breaking point, but was not sure what else to do and didn’t want to deal with the evening drama and honestly was just too tired to do anything else.

I get it – that evening dinner hour is horrendous.  Mom’s are tired, frustrated and trying to maintain some dignity in the whole ordeal!  But as with any pattern there are always two participants.  So I let her know that when she was ready to try something different I would be here to share with her some ideas on how she could change her part of the pattern. [Read more…]

Avoid Mom Burnout



You’ll burn out, and the people right along with you.

This is way too much for you — you can’t do this alone.— EXODUS 18:18

Does this scripture verse resonate with you?

You simply can’t do it all by yourself, and God doesn’t expect you to.

Even “Super-Mom” needs help and support.

Why is it so hard for moms to turn duties over to others?

Is it that we feel guilty? Feel inadequate? Or defeated if we ask for help?

There is no shame in asking for help, especially when it concerns your household running smoothly.  Everyone benefits from that – especially your children.  If you have found that your plate is overflowing and you are at a loss as to what to do, really evaluate this question:  “What can I give up CONTROL of?”  AH….yes, I did just use that word – CONTROL!

Honestly, I think that a lot of moms suffer from this fear of not having control in a lot of areas, I know it took me quite a while to give up control of certain things and start sharing the load with my family

“But they won’t do it right”– yep, you’re probably right, but over time their commitment to helping out will reward them with so much more.  Being part of a family entails sharing the load.  Being part of something bigger than yourself develops connectedness – which creates a family that is connected and committed to each other.

So momma – push aside the pride, fear and feeling like you have to be in control of everything and respect what others in your family can bring to the table.

Ask for help – you won’t get it voluntarily

Age appropriate is best – here is a great list of age appropriate chores you can use as a resource!

Give choices to your team – ask which they would prefer to help with, folding laundry or helping to cook dinner

Start small – start with a list of areas you need help and give one to each member of your family.  You can add more later.

Delegating tasks will free up some of your time which in turn elevates the stress that builds when a mom is feeling overwhelmed!

This quote was found with regard to delegating in the work environment, but as mom’s our ‘work environment’ is our home!  I thought it was something to leave you with as you start creating your list to delegate!


And, remember that there is no such thing as a single-handed success: When you include and acknowledge all those in your corner, you propel yourself, your teammates and your supporters to greater heights. – Author Unknown

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Priority Management – A Value of Order


This article originally posted on Simple Marriage, May 20, 2010

I am preparing to teach on Priority Management this weekend to a group of ladies attending a small retreat to rediscover how to apply Biblical principles to everyday living.  This is a ministry I have become involved in and know this kind of mentoring/teaching is needed to restore the dignity of the home.  It is a refreshing view of using biblical principles in your home and daily life originally taught by Devi Titus & Marilyn Weiher using the book The Home Experience. This post contains information from their book and DVD teaching.

I recently did a survey among the moms that get my newsletters and updates and they told me their number one struggle right now is “improving my time management and running my home more smoothly.”  This was chosen over finding time for self-care, the need to create routines and ending the morning madness and getting my kids to listen the first time.  I was a little shocked. I would have thought the trouble with kids listening would have come out on top, but it didn’t.

[Read more…]