Reflecting on God Weaving My Story



I have been at a loss about what to post today – for several days my mind was blank except for one topic.  

Foster care and adoption

I’ve shared my heart and my story a bit here on the blog in hopes of opening up the eyes of everyone – to find that little spot where you can make a difference in someone’s life.  I have said it before and I will continue to say it….. not everyone is meant to adopt or even do foster care, but there is always somewhere you can lend a hand – there is a need to fill.

As for everyone, this time of year is busy.  I wanted to slow down this season and focus more on the important…. I am trying, but it is still a work in progress.  I’ve been a bit under the weather and keeping up with regular tasks in addition to the extra things that come with the holidays has taken it’s toll.  I have been hearing a whisper in my ear to remember this season and what happened to us four years ago.

You see, four years ago during this time we were introduced to a precious little boy looking for a forever home.  My life was thrown a curve ball and it was, as I reflect, one of the most treasured times that I can remember – with it being Christmas.  


As I look over some photos of when Jacob first arrived in our home, tears form and I began to not only remember but FEEL that time, deeply.   (I managed to dig up a few, sorry they are a bit blurry).  Sometimes we really need to take the time to let our hearts open back up and feel.  I can be really good at stuffing things, thus not allowing good or bad to flow out or in.  It is something God is working with me on.

I remember getting to know this 12 month old little boy, playing with him on the floor, adjusting to his behaviors which were a little different than what I was used to, listening to Christmas music in the background and eventually helping him transition into our home full time.  I would never in a million years imagined I would become the mom of a little 12 month old.  I had no idea what God still needed to develop in my life, and still don’t.

I shared the complete story in a blog post and you can read that if you missed it before.  God weaving an amazing story that I often take for granted and unfortunately forget.

As a mom who has older kids, this time of year can honestly get a bit more tedious than joyous.  I hate to admit that, but I am.  The chore of decorating for some reason this year has become overwhelming….. I am thankful for a husband who is willing to push ahead when I am worn out.

So I truly believe that God is whispering into my ear to slow down, focus on what it was like four years ago.   The wonderment of a new person entering our life, the incredible grace of our God to bless me with this little boy who challenges me everyday to be more of who God wants me to be.  

I need to reflect…. to slow down…. to remember.  God is trying to weave my story even more with His influence and amazing grace, if I just listen and respond.

Is God trying to whisper in your ear – are you ready to listen?  Or are you like me and being a bit stubborn?  

How can you take some time to allow His voice to be heard in all the busy and overwhelm?

Keeping it Simple this Holiday Season



I am coming to all of you – making a vow, that I will try to keep things simple this Christmas season.  I have never really been one of those moms who goes all out – but I do admit, I use to be kinda a “Martha Stewart” kinda mom and wife.  But no more.

There is a lot to be said for doing things in a small way.  Keeping perspective and the real treasure of the season in mind.  I wrote about Rediscovering the Joy at Christmas Time a couple years back, it was a good review for me today.

It can become easy to want to make more, give more and do more with each year – but for me, I am looking at doing less but having it mean more.  Does that resonate with anyone else?  I am tired of over-stretching, over-doing and losing focus.

So, as I gather myself together and begin to plan my next three weeks, I wanted to share with you my goals for enjoying the season, SIMPLY – perhaps it might help you too?

Morning quiet

I do fairly well in this area, but lately my to-do list has challenged me to get started earlier, so I “decide” to give up my quiet time to get started just a bit sooner on that all important list.  Wrong choice.  Or the past few days I have just slept in because I’ve been tired and fighting the beginning of a cold.  Thank goodness for my essential oils to help my body heal itself!!

I need this connection time with the ONE who gives me strength to get through my day.  I especially need this connection as I remember My Savior during this advent season.  

Doing Less

I think we can all agree we need more margin in our life, even more so during this busy holiday season.  Why on earth do we have to preface it always with “busy holiday season”?  We are busy, busy, busy – parties, shopping, cooking, baking, visiting, wrapping, and more.  It has become an epidemic.  I want to be choosy with how I spend my time – really purposeful in how I manage my time.  I know there are certain things that NEED to get done, but most of the other stuff is negotiable and even not important.

Creating Home Memories

I love being at home – LOVE IT!  I especially enjoy creating memories with my family that can be carried on.  As my kids are getting older, I have one nearly 22 and another a couple days from 18, (and two other younger ones) it is time to do things that really matter.  My time has run out, so they say.  Baking one batch of Christmas Cookies, rather than doing 12 batches.  Watching ONE key Christmas movie instead of five – finding joy together in the small things that aren’t money driven.  That is what I want this year.

No Fancy

I have become much more aware of keeping things simple.  On my decorations, on meals, gifts and such. I am not a big fancy person, I just do not find the same joy in all that I did years ago.  Simple decorations, simple food, simple dress, all that makes me happy.   I like to do an advent with the family, we’ve done Truth in the Tinsel before and loved it, this year we are doing really simple, a box filled with drawers to pull a candy out and read a portion of scripture.  Simple.


I want to consistently be brought back to the season that we are celebrating.  Not overwhelmed with the stuff that needs to be accomplished.  I am the worst at deducting from my schedule, but once again, I want to make an attempt and scaling back and being present more. 

Will you join me?

Truth in the Tinsel


Truth in the Tinsel

I wanted to be sure to share this wonderful resource for those who are new to my community. I realize it is still a bit before Thanksgiving, but for those who are planners, this is the time to get your PLAN on for Christmas activities!

Truth in the Tinsel is a wonderfully put together resource for families to share in the spirit of Christmas, while creating a tradition that can be used for several years. We took the time last year with my 3 year old to do the activities and read the scripture outlined in the book and I cannot wait to do it again this year, with him just a bit older.

Each day, during the month of December, Truth in the Tinsel provides you with a passage of Scripture to read, gives you easy to follow instructions on making a Christmas ornament correlating with the Scripture you read, and the even better part, you can purchase a packet that contains the printable ornaments. This was for those moms who are just like me – not so crafty! And the devotional gives you a chance to talk to your children about what you’ve read and more.  

We enjoyed doing this right after dinner and even my older kids stayed around for the action, watching my younger one participate and create his ornaments. It was really a great family activity.

Here is Amanda giving you a run down of how to use her devotional with your family. She shares how to use the material and shows you how easy it is to get things together and make this work for your family – no matter what stage you are in!

Truth in the Tinsel

Have you already gone through Truth in the Tinsel? If so, what’d you think about it? Will you be doing it again this year?