Finding Connection Together


Marriage – tricky, intentional, forgiving, exhilarating, adventurous and so beautiful.

Yesterday was my 6th anniversary and I chose to invite my hubby hiking in order to celebrate.  He had asked what I wanted to do, and yep, I chose hiking.  Now let me say, it probably wasn’t my first choice of what I would have wanted to do, but I am so glad it is what we did.  It brought back some really good memories for me, memories that had been buried under the current obligations with kids, jobs and hectic life.

Before we were married we did some hiking and I can specifically remember one of our first dozen dates included a hike that was pivotal in our relationship.  The conversation we shared during the 5 hours was uninterrupted and the experience showed us we could conquer something fairly difficult together.  This hike had us climbing to a height of around 3500 ft – not an easy task.  You can see how high we are from the distance of the ground in the one photo. [Read more…]