Weekly Household Quick Tip


Tackling this daily task in the Weekly Household Planner:

Declutter master closet/drawers

This task is always an eye opener for me and interestingly enough I just read a great article on Giving Up New Clothes for a Year  by Sarah Peck of it starts with over on Becoming Minimalist.  She shares her journey of intentionally NOT buying new clothes for a year (except shoes and underwear, as needed).  She had a few great points that struck me, but one in particular:

“I learned, slowly, that having excess stuff was giving me a headache, wasting my time and energy, and wasting a lot of money I wanted to focus on eliminating debt.” [Read more…]

Home Front Hearts


One of the wonderful aspects of The Confident Mom is the community of moms that I find myself amongst.  I love the interactions, unexpected meetings and stories that you all share.

Recently I had the opportunity to learn of an organization that provides support and resources to the families of service members.  I had mentioned ways families could serve outside the home in one of my newsletters, and a mom sent me a note to share her organization, because I had mentioned ways to help military families.

I would love to introduce you all to Randi Cairns.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of Home Front Hearts, Inc.  The mission of Home Front Hearts is to serve the families that serve our country by: providing support and resources to the families of service members, increasing public awareness of the struggles and sacrifices of military families, and engaging both individuals and businesses in building communities that are responsive to the needs of these families.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Randi and how she shares her heart in ways that help our military families! [Read more…]

Ways to Teach Children about Charitable Giving


By Isabella York

Teaching children to be charitable is trickier than it sounds.

In a world where the Rolling Stones couldn’t “Get No Satisfaction” and “Gimme More” is more than just a Britney Spears song – it’s a mindset! Teaching your kids the value of giving can be quite the challenge but the good news is that you’re not the only parent struggling with this task. In fact, there are thousands, probably even millions, of moms out there who are also looking for tips on how to get John and Jane to give away some of their old toys and clothes.

As a mom to a six-year-old and a three-year-old, I was recently struck with a realization that my little angels were bordering on spoiled. I knew I was in trouble when my son quickly picked up and strung together words like “No” and “Mine“. But what bothered me even more was that it was nearly impossible to give away any of my kids’ toys, even if they no longer played with them. Every time I tried, it became a tug-of-war that almost always ended in tears on their end, and frustration on mine. [Read more…]

Making Donations Truly Count


Let me first preface this post by saying I am not a tax adviser, nor am I trained to give tax advice – there I said it!  My disclaimer – I sure don’t want anyone calling me up to help them with a tax audit.

The other day my husband and I did an activity we do about 3 times per year and I just wondered how many others do it, or even knew to do it.  (yeah, I know….you could insert many different things here, but this is not that kinda website gals!)

[Read more…]