eMeals 7 Day Challenge – Wanna Join Me?



I shared at the end of 2013 in a post about eMeals and their terrific meals plans that center around eating better for your body.  I personally use the PALEO plan and really enjoy it. It makes it easier for me to eat Paleo and feed my family.  The meals are yummy, my family is eating PALEO and they don’t really understand the benefit, but that is okay, because I do!  They even had a very hard time determining that the topping on the Paleo Shephards Pie  {an eMeals recipe!} was in fact mashed cauliflower and not mashed potatoes!  

Are you looking to make a switch in your diet and caring better for your body?  I am thrilled to share that eMeals has come up with a 7 Day Challenge for both Clean Eating as well as a Paleo Plan – and they are offering the full week’s menu plan for FREE!

I am planning to do the 7 day challenge for Paleo beginning on Monday, January 20th – will you join me?  You can pick the Clean Eating Plan or the Paleo Plan, it is up to you.


I printed out the Paleo Jump Start Guide which was 11 pages – this is full on press ladies!!  

For both 7 day challenge plans you get:

  • An overview of the plan (either Clean Eating or Paleo)
  • Weekly Eating Outline Template
  • 7 Breakfast Recipes
  • 7 Lunch Recipes
  • 7 Dinner Recipes

Not sure which plan to pick?

What Can Paleo Do for You? 

Helps control your weight

A diet high in protein from meat and eggs and high in fiber from fruits and vegetables will help you feel full longer while eating fewer calories and stabilizes your blood sugar to help avoid cravings.  I have noticed an incredible decrease in my afternoon cravings and also love that what I do eat is HIGH in nutrient value.

Stay energized all day

By avoiding refined carbohydrates and those foods that amount to wasted calories, you increase your energy level and avoid the afternoon slump.

Reasons to Eat Clean

Help control your weight

A diet high in fiver from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans can help you feel full longer while eating fewer calories.

Reduce your risk of chronic diseases

When you take care of your body by giving it real food, it is amazing how it will respond!  You won’t get sick as often and can really reduce the chances of big time disease.

Ensure that you feel your best every day

A balance of whole grains, protein, and fiber helps you stay energized throughout the day and sleep better at night. Give your body GOOD food!

Ready to take the 7 day challenge with me?  Go over and start by picking a plan either Paleo 7 Day Challenge or Clean Eating 7 Day Challenge and then download the Challenge Jump Start Guide and get ready.  

To be honest, I am altering the PALEO plan just a bit and will be able to use leftovers on a few of the days.  If I were to go strictly off the plan as is, I would blow our family budget for the week.  So take a look, make what changes you need to do and let’s do this for 7 days – that is all – 7 days, then see how you feel!

If your not up for the challenge, no worries – maybe you will love knowing that eMeals just released a new store plan – the Costco meal plan!!

Through 1/31, eMeals is offering 15% off your order when you enter code DINNER15 at checkout, which will make any of eMeals Menu Plans as low as $4.11 per month!  You also have the choice to add in a breakfast, lunch and dessert plan if you like too, making meals a breeze at your house!

If you hate planning meals, working out a weekly menu and want to change your eating, but are not sure where to start – this method is WAY cheaper and a better value than any diet planning service you will find! 

If you would like some simple ideas on making family dinner more fun, I am sharing over on the eMeals blog today too!

I’ve been a faithful eMeals subscriber for over 4 years and it has made my life much easier!  Click here to learn more about my love for this amazing, time and money-saving meal planning service.

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Poached Salmon in a Crock Pot


From Beyond Beans and Weenies

With summer ending and schedules quickly filling up – this is the perfect time to put that crock pot back on the counter!

I just don’t seem to use it much during the summer, but during the school year it is my ‘dinner saver‘.  Getting dinner cooking first thing in the morning and checked off my to-do list is the best feeling – don’t you agree?

Here in the Northwest we are totally in love with salmon, so I was so excited when Janet shared this recipe for cooking salmon in a crock pot.  Last Monday my hubby went out with a buddy to go salmon fishing – well I had hoped to try this recipe out, but unfortunately only his buddy went home with a fish.  So off to Costco I will go to “catch” my fish, or trek down to the Pike Place Market here in Seattle, where the photo was taken and grab me one!


Photo Credit

Hospitality is Not About You – Sandy Coughlin


I am on vacation with my family from July 21st – August 9th traveling in our RV to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and a few spots in between. I will be sure to have some adventures to share when I return, in the meantime enjoy a guest post from Sandy of The Reluctant Entertainer:


I have to admit, I was scared to death when I was asked to speak to a group of young mommies about hospitality. But I knew I couldn’t say no.

When I arrived, I just couldn’t picture myself standing at a podium and delivering my message. [Read more…]

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